Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Raising Okies

Not long after the devastating tornado hit Moore, I was reading an article circulating around FB that someone had written that was basically patting Okies on the back for how we pulled together in our state's time of need. It was actually really well written and I'm glad I read it. That's not something I can say about many articles circulating on FB!

At the beginning of the article, the writer described how most of us Okies have been around tornadoes all our lives and how it was just the "norm" for us. She even said that most of us had played "tornado" as children - pretending to take cover in a bathtub or closet as another friend "sounded" the sirens. I kind of chuckled at this part of the article because I couldn't really imagine doing this. I didn't grow up in Oklahoma, but I lived in Kansas and Missouri, so I had been exposed to a few tornadoes. But, I certainly never played "tornado". Who does that?

Well, I'll tell ya who does that. Children who are true Okies and grow up in tornado alley. The other day, Brianna, Brenson, and I were at my sister's house. The children were playing and this is what my sister and I heard:

Chloe Jo (Brianna's 4 year old cousin): We have to get in the bathtub!
Brianna: It has a leak.
Brianna: wirl-wirl-wirl (obviously being the tornado siren)
Chloe Jo: Oh-no!

I guess we're raising a couple of true Okies!
Excuse Brianna's hair . . . we were outside and it was super-windy. Of course. :-)

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