Monday, June 10, 2013

A Day In the Life 2013

I decided on April 23rd to take photos and do another A Day In The Life post. I love looking at this one from April 26, 2012 and comparing it to how things are now. It's amazing how quickly everyday life changes when you have little ones! I would do more of these type posts, but I have a hard time remembering to take photos of all the little things throughout the day. And let's face it, posts like this are no fun without the photos!

Well, this time, I remembered to take the photos, but never wrote the post about them, haha! I decided that it wasn't too late, so here it is!

April 23, 2013

Our morning typically begins right around 8:00am. Brenson is generally the first one awake, and he almost always wakes up so cute and happy. He'll talk to himself for a few minutes in his crib until I come to get him.

He's always so excited to see Mommy!

He greets me with a smile :-).

As soon as I get him up, I change his diaper. Brianna will often get out of bed and come into his room while I'm changing him. She's a little less perky in the morning, but still generally in a good mood. My kids always wake up starving, so after Brianna takes a potty break we head to the kitchen for breakfast!

Brianna, eating cold cereal (her favorite!). She generally has a piece of fruit as well.

After breakfast, I get the children dressed for the day. Even if we're staying home all day, we always get dressed. I'll lay Brianna's clothes out (or, sometimes let her pick them herself) and she will dress herself for the most part. She still needs a little help with a few things. Brenson is so cute because he loves to take their pjs to the hamper for me!

Teaching him young to do his chores!

After we are dressed and hair is combed and teeth are brushed, we'll often run an errand. This day, we had a couple of videos that we had checked out from the library that we needed to return.

Brenson spends most of this time in his carseat watching his sister :-).

I'll often stop at McDonald's for a drink while we're out and about. I used to stop at Sonic, but McDonalds' drinks are only $1 all day long. Notice I'm wearing a hoodie in this photo? It must have been chilly this day!

After getting back from running to the library, Brenson played for a bit in his room while Brianna and I dissolved some capsules she got for Easter in a bowl of water.

She was so excited to see what was going to "hatch" from the capsules!

Then, we read a few books. Up until this week, Brenson had been taking a morning nap and an afternoon nap. However, during this week he decided to drop the morning nap and was still struggling with it a bit. Normally, we read books after we eat lunch but before afternoon nap time, but due to Brenson's schedule change, we moved the reading time up.

Then, we played in Brianna's room for a bit. She loves to line up her clothes for her Snap 'n Style Dolls. And I love these dolls because Brianna can dress them herself!

Around 12:15pm, I'll usually go in the kitchen and start preparing lunch. Brenson loves to "cook" while I'm working in the kitchen. Actually, both kids love to play at the play kitchen, but Brianna kept playing in her room this day.

For lunch, we had velveeta shells and cheese, leftover pizza we had made a few nights before, carrot sticks, and grapes. Both of my kiddos are great eaters, and generally clean their plates! Brenson eats whatever Brianna and I are eating. And let me tell ya, that makes life sooooo much easier!

I do cut up his grapes still. He mostly feeds himself, but I do help him a little. He really likes to feed himself though, and doesn't take the help too well most of the time.

He ate great, but right at the end of lunch, he kind of started to melt down. It was about 1:00pm and he was TIRED!

I cleaned him up from lunch (changed his clothes and diaper) and took him straight to his room for naptime. He was seriously melting down by this point.

However, he was asleep within a minute of me laying him down in his crib! I'm so glad my kids self-soothe! Brianna went down shortly thereafter. *Side-note* He is now fully adjusted to not having a morning nap and does not melt-down over it anymore. He just needed some adjustment time!

While the kids were napping, I put dinner in the crockpot,

started a load of laundry,

and folded a load of laundry. Some things DON'T change! Haha.

After doing a bit of housework, I usually get on FB for a bit, read, or even nap a little myself.

They both slept until about 3:45pm. Brianna immediately went to check on her capsules. She was telling me that there were two bunnies that "hatched".

I got them both a snack and put on a movie because it was rainy and wet so we couldn't go outside to play. When the weather is nice, we generally head outside during this time if we didn't go outside that morning. I try not to put on a movie too much, so it only happens about once or twice a week.

While they were snacking and movie watching, I cleaned up my kitchen from lunch. For whatever reason, I'm bad about letting dirty lunch dishes sit in the sink until right before dinner.

Daddy normally gets home around 5:30pm, and not a moment too soon! Both children still have their "witching hour" beginning at about 5:00pm. Of course, I'm trying to get dinner on the table and things tend to get a bit chaotic. Daddy getting home is the highlight of everyone's afternoon!

While I got dinner ready, Daddy and the children played a little basketball. Brianna is very in to dress up clothes right now and pretty much always has a princess dress on while we're at home. Too cute!

Having too much fun with Daddy!

We try to sit down to eat at around 6:00pm, but if Chris gets home a little late then it's sometimes hard to do that. This night, we had chicken and rice, corn, and rolls.

After dinner, we play for about an hour (until 7:45ish), take a family walk, or sit outside on the back porch. Chris really just wants to spend time with the kids, which is why they don't go to bed until 8:15 and 8:30. If they went to bed any earlier, he wouldn't really get to play with them at all.

At about 7:45, we start getting the children ready for bed. Chris does baths (and I'm so thankful . . . I HATE giving baths), then we do our family devo while Brenson drinks a sippy of milk.

This includes reading a little lesson, singing a few songs, and praying. Sometimes, we'll work on Brianna's memory work during this time, but not usually. I try to do that earlier in the day with her as it's much more productive than right before bed.

We put both children in their beds awake, and they are generally asleep very quickly. After they are in bed, Chris and I try to spend a little time together, although sometimes that means we are doing house chores. He goes to bed around 11:00 and I usually stay up for several hours after that doing stuff on the computer (editing photos, blogging, FB, catching up on e-mail, reading blogs, etc), although I'm really trying not to stay up past midnight any more. I try very hard not to be on the computer during the day while the children are awake, so the late evenings are my time to catch up on social media.

I really love the stage we are in right now. The children are so much easier than they were a year ago, and we are able to do so much throughout the day. I'm interested to see what our days look like in another year!

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