Thursday, June 6, 2013

Boudoir Breakfast

Happy Friday, everyone! I thought I'd start off the weekend by blogging about last weekend. It was super-fun, and I'm excited to share it with you!

If you're a faithful blog follower, then you know that my BFF, Angie, is getting married (in two weeks!) and I'm one of her bridesmaids. Several months ago, the other bridesmaids and I decided that we wanted to give Angie a special, but FUN, shower for her closest friends. It was decided that we would host a Boudoir Breakfast and make it sort of a personal shower and bachelorette party all in one. 

The night before the shower, the other hostesses and I got together to decorate and do a little food shopping. The whole week prior to the shower, Oklahoma had been hit over and over again with terrible and tornadic storms. In fact, on Thursday before the shower, a tornado caused some major damage just a few miles from our shower venue. On the night before the shower, storms were brewin' outside once again. I ended up driving home in severe lightening and some rain in the middle of a tornado warning! It was a bit nerve wracking to say the least! This is the same night that Moore and OKC suffered a second round of extensive storm damage and loss of life. 

However, Saturday morning was beautiful and perfect for the actual shower. We were so thankful for that!

The beautiful bride-to-be and shower honoree:


This is basically the same photo, but it also includes Angie's sister (and MOH).

We hosted the shower at Kendall's house. You may remember that Angie, Amy, and I hosted a shower for Kendall and her twin girls there last September. It was so fun to decorate completely differently for this shower and give the room an entirely different feel. I made the letters (Angie and her finance' Jesse's wedding monogram) hanging from the mantel:

This is the corner where Angie sat and opened her gifts. I took an upclose photo of the lingerie, and when I did my camera told me that it detected blinking eyes, hahaha!

The lovely couple:

I also made this pennant banner. I was happy with how it turned out!

Kendall made these adorable signs!

So cute!

This is in the entryway of Kendall's house, so it was what the guests saw as they walked in:

We had these cookie favors made, and although we didn't love them, they served their purpose.

On the outside of Kendall's door, she hung this:
People were cracking up as they were walking in . . . they kept commenting on how they knew they were at the right house since lingerie was hanging on the front door, haha!

The kitchen counter was decorated with photos and rose petals.

Her wedding colors are black, tiffany blue, and red. These plates were perfect!

Our food table consisted of mini quiche, bagels, cups of yogurt, and tons of yogurt toppings. I've never hosted a morning shower before and it was so fun to plan the menu!

Another view of the food table:

All the super-yummy yogurt toppings:

We played a game where all the guests brought a pair of panties and put them in the black basket pictured below. Angie had to guess who brought what pair, then introduce the guest. It was a great alternative to normal shower introductions!

And finally, a group shot (minus a few who had already left):

It was seriously such a fun day celebrating with our Angie! And trust me, her husband will be very grateful for this shower as well :-)!

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