Friday, August 23, 2013

A Slice of Summer

We have had quite the summer this year. Chris and I have been faced with some very weighty circumstances and decisions this year, and many of those things were brought to the forefront this summer. I realize that I'm being vague - and that's probably annoying - but I will blog more about it later. Today, however, I want to blog about the blessings this summer brought with it. While there were definite valleys, we always have so much for which to be thankful. 

So, in effort to do as much "catching up" in one post as possible, I'm going to take you on a quick tour of our summer. Sit tight because this post is long and photo heavy *grin*.

The weather this year has been pretty incredible for us. We've had so many "cool" days which means we've been spending a ton of time outside. Even in the middle of July!

Sometimes, art is just more fun on the back porch!

Of course, finger painting in the kitchen isn't too bad, either :-).

My artists are quite serious about their work.

These photos were taken at the beginning of our finger painting adventure . . . it got waaaay messier!

Her entire hands and arms were eventually covered in paint.

He has to taste-test everything . . . finger paint is no exception! Good thing it's non-toxic :-).

So, back outside. The water table has provided endless hours of fun.

And who doesn't love tent camping in the backyard?

We even enjoyed popcorn and a few bedtime stories in the tent. We tried to actually sleep in the tent, but gave up after an hour of two little wild ones who wouldn't settle down :-).

It hasn't been all play and no work, however.

We love mowing with Daddy!

We've also had some good times away from home. Playdates with our favorite twins are always a hit!

We love going for walks . . .

. . . and to the park!

Love this face so much!

Slides are Bren's favorite.

Brianna is more of a monkey bar girl.

And we all enjoyed this tire swing (until Bren fell out of it!)

We've visited several different splash pads, and we always had a ball!

Bren was very curious about where the water comes from . . . until he got sprayed right in the face.

This was one of the hottest days of the year, so the water was just what we needed.

This expression is hilarious!

We've also had a few picnics with Daddy in the park (this was on a pavilion).

I chose the unusual picnic food of tomato soup and grilled cheese. It was super yummy!

There have been a couple trips to the zoo.

And a few gatherings with friends.

We love playing with other littles!

And who doesn't love a good foot race?

Ready . . . set . . .


In June, we had our annual VBS at church. Chris is our director each year, which also means he leads our opening and closing song and prayer time. Our theme this year was The Five Ring Circus of Faith . . . NOT my favorite theme for sure! It was super fun decorating like a circus, but the lessons seemed a bit disjointed to me.

Brianna went to the 3 year old class and did so well! Each night, she could tell us what she learned in class and was always so excited to go back the next night.

Brenson went to class for the first time this year, even though he was technically too young. However, he did great as well!

I taught the 2nd graders, and they were a joy to have! It's such a privilege to teach God's word to children of our church and community. Loved my little class!

Later in the summer, Brianna had her first legit sleepover when cousin Chloe spontaneously spent the night with us. I was pretty nervous about how the girls would do, but they even slept in the same room with no problems. Hopefully, it was the first of many sleepovers for them.

And finally, what summer would be complete without snowcones?!?

Brianna loved her "ice snow".

It's not good unless it's on your face :-).

Bren was unsure at first, but it didn't take him long to come around.

Yay for snowcone tongues!

Ah yes, there have been so many good things about this summer! These may just be simple things, but they were the perfect way for us to spend time with each other, family, and friends and have fun doing it!

Thanking God today for the joy of the simple things. Have a great weekend!


Jordan said...

What a great summer update! I am feeling inspired. Maybe after I finish our vacation update (was vacay really a month ago?) I ca work on something similar

Chris said...

It has been a great summer!