Friday, August 30, 2013

Camera Face

Since my posts this week have been kind of heavy, I'm going to change it up today and have some fun :-).

Disclaimer: I'm about to break a personal rule of mine and talk about how cute I think my kid is. I mean, I know everyone thinks their own kid is cute (as you should), but I sure think my little guy is pretty precious and pretty adorable. Feel free to agree with me :-).

When I'm actually able to catch a genuine smile on camera (which is surprisingly difficult), it's so sweet. 

Exhibit 1A:

Exhibit 1B (with hair that's looking a little Donald Trump-esque): 

However, as cute as he can be in real life, he has a kind of terrible camera face. This is the face I get when I pull out the camera:

Exhibit 2A:

Let's take another look.

Exhibit 2B:

Exhibit 2C . . . same basic idea with a little more eye squint. 

It's all in the eyes . . . Exhibit 2D:

Exhibit 2E:

Sometimes, we get a fairly decent little smile . . .

. . . quickly followed by the camera face! He just can't help it!

I cringe every time someone says "Say Cheese" because that's just a sure way to bring out the camera face (see exhibit 2E).

But hey, he comes by it honest. His sister has a pretty killer camera face herself, haha!

Happy Friday!


Cheryl said...

Brenson sure looks older than 18 months! I love his camera face...haha!

Heather V said...

That's hilarious Chelley! His camera smile is cracking me up!!