Friday, September 13, 2013

Wedding Weekend Part 2

After a great rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, we were all looking forward to wedding day! Brianna and I got up and around pretty early and headed into town for our hair appointments. We got there just as our hairdresser, Stephanie, was finishing up Kendall's hair. 

Part of the bridal party: Kendall, Amy N, Brianna, and Chelley

Brianna did great as we waited for Amy N to get her hair done, then for me to get mine done.

Finally, it was Brianna's turn! She was beyond excited, but wasn't too sure when she looked in the mirror and saw this:

Then, the next time Stephanie let her look, it looked like this:

She thought that was pretty hilarious, but I think she was relieved when Stephanie calmed it down a little :-).

It looked so pretty when it was all finished. The curls were very soft, but it stayed perfectly all day.

Angie arrived for her hair appointment as Stephanie was finishing with Brianna. Stephanie was such a trooper to do all of our hair (except Amy T), and she did such a beautiful job!

Kendall was at her makeup appointment by this time, but here are the rest of us . . . without makeup!

Once we were all finished getting our hair done, we headed over to the church building to get ready. It took a while for all of us to get fixed up, but that's when some of the most fun memories are made!

I put just a dab of makeup on Brianna, and she thought that was fantastic!

I love these next two photos of us all getting ready!

Silliness in the bathroom!

Brianna was ready quickly and then had a lot of time to occupy before the wedding began. I let her bring her Innotab for entertainment, and she did so well. I was very proud of her behavior throughout this whole ordeal.

While she was waiting for the rest of us to finish getting ready, the photographer took several photos of just Brianna. I love them all.

While we were getting ready at the church building, Chris was getting Brenson and himself ready at home. He texted me the photo below and my heart fluttered. What a sweet little man!

Angie and Jesse had decided to do all photos before the ceremony. They did a short "first look" session, then we all headed outdoors (and it was HOT) to take a few bridal party pics.

My precious friend, the bride!

Wasn't Angie beautiful? Her headpiece was stunning!

About 15 minutes before the wedding began, we all headed inside to cool off a bit and wait. We ended up hanging out in the multi-purpose room because it was the coolest place. And what do a bunch of women do when there's nothing to do but wait? Take photos, of course!

My friend, Tia (who is expecting again after their devastating loss last year), helped coordinate everything and direct us down the aisle at the proper time. She hates taking photos, but I made her take this one with me :-).

My beautiful friend . . . just before becoming a Mrs!

Every wedding that I have actively participated in has a most memorable/special moment for me. It's a moment I always think of when I think of that wedding. This time was no exception. The most memorable moment of this wedding for me was just before we all got ready to walk down the aisle. We took a moment, all joined hands, and prayed over Angie, Jesse, their marriage, and their future. Then we quickly touched up our make-up from the misty eyes and got ready to walk down the aisle!

I was the third bridesmaid to walk down the aisle . . . just before Angie's sister (the matron of honor).

I did great until the very end when I was overcome with emotion and started crying! It was the only time I cried during the wedding.

Chris was sitting on the front pew so that Brianna could sit with him and not stand at the front during the whole ceremony. I asked him to take a few photos of us walking down the aisle (two of the above of me are ones he took). When Brianna started coming down, he got so distracted watching her that he only took one photo! However, she did wonderful! She had her game-face on for sure! She even stopped and posed for the photographer just like we told her to do. Afterwards, we had tons of comments and compliments on how well she did. It was a HUGE relief for me, and I was so proud of her!

The photo Chris took:

These were taken by the wedding photographer:

I wish I had more photos of the ceremony, but I only have one. Kendall's dress had pockets (so cute!) and she actually carried her phone in said pockets, then snapped a photo of Angie walking down during the ceremony! What a fun photo from the perspective of a bridesmaid!

This photo is another that was a preview pic from the wedding photographer's website. Love it! Angie and Jesse are both beaming!

After the ceremony, we had my friend snap a few family photos for us.

I love them both!

We headed to the reception quickly after the wedding. My parents were invited to and attended the wedding so we met up with them. Brianna was happy that people she knew were there to watch her!

Brenson loooooooves his Grampy!

At the reception, there was a corner designated as a "photo booth" of sorts, complete with dress-up supplies. So fun!

Again, I don't have many photos of the reception . . . partially because I was busy making sure the bride had everything she needed and partially because we didn't stay long. My babies were worn smooth out after two days of excitement, and I didn't want to push them too hard. In hindsight, I probably should have stayed and let Chris take the kiddos home, but that's not what we did. Approximately 3 minutes after leaving the reception, I looked in the backseat and saw this:

Sweet baby girl was so worn out!

The weekend went so well, and I could not have asked for better behavior from Brianna! It was a wonderful privilege to stand with my dear friend during one of the biggest moments of her life, and I am so honored that she asked me to take part in it!

Congratulations Angie & Jesse! We love you!!!

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