Monday, September 16, 2013

KC for the weekend!

This past weekend, my friend Tia invited me to tag along with her to Kansas City. I decided that it was just the get-away I needed, so off we went! 

We left at about 3:00pm on Friday, and KC is about a 4 hour drive from where we live. As we were pulling up to our hotel, we realized that we were staying in the EXACT same hotel that we stayed in 4 years ago when we took a weekend get-away to KC with a couple other friends. It was totally not on purpose, but quite entertaining!

Tia and myself . . . replay of 4 years ago, only she's the one pregnant this time!

Here is a photo that I found of us standing in front of the same fountain 4 years ago. It's super-blurry, but you can for sure see my baby bump (Brianna)!

The entire weekend, things kept happening and we would say, "Remember when this happened last time we were here?" It was kind of crazy! Neither of us really remembered the details of our other trip, but it kind of came flooding back when we were back at the same place again.

We intended to turn in pretty early on Friday night, but after eating and getting back to our room, we were both pretty overstimulated and ended up staying up too late talking. Isn't that the fun thing about overnight trips though? So, Saturday morning we planned to sleep in. I think Tia was up before 7am and I was up by 7:30am. So much for that! Is this a sign that I'm getting OLD???

After taking our time getting ready for the day, we decided to do a bit of window shopping at The Plaza (within walking distance of our hotel) and get Starbucks. It was a beautiful day! PERFECT weather for walking outdoors!

You'll have to excuse these photos . . . I used my phone camera all weekend. There was a stunning fountain behind us, but it didn't come out in the photo :-(.

One of Tia's primary purposes for going to KC for the weekend was to meet up with a long-time friend who lives in Wisconsin but was in KC for the weekend as well. So, we met up with her for lunch after a crazy drive across town that we weren't sure we would survive. Whew.

Then, the three of us went to Union Station to walk around a bit. BEAUTIFUL structure!

We walked the inside of building and mosied around a bit, then contemplated crashing a wedding that was going on there, but decided against it :-).

They had a whole area dedicated to trains, so we colored these fun train pictures that were available.

We also wanted to visit Crown Center, so we walked the "link" between Union Station and Crown Center. On the way over, we caught this lovely view of downtown:

It took us a while to walk over to Crown Center (we were pretty much in slow motion . . . spending more energy talking than walking!), but it was so pretty once we got over there!

We walked through the Hallmark museum, shopped a bit, and then got ice cream and chilled for a while. By the time we walked back over to Union Station and then to the car, our afternoon was spent!

My brother and his son were also in KC for the weekend to attend a lectureship at a church there that my family has been associated with for 30+ years. Tia and I made plans to eat dinner with them, so we went and picked them up for the evening. We had been told that Oklahoma Joe's was the place to go for some great KC BBQ, so that's where we headed for dinner.

I thought it was funny that Tia and I came from Oklahoma to eat at Oklahoma Joe's in Kansas City!

On the way back to our hotel that night, we kept coming across all these crazy drivers. I think Tia ended up using her car horn like 4 times just on that little part of our trip! I know the "city" we drive in is quite a bit smaller than KC, but I'm just not used to "big city" driving I guess. I was thankful to make it back to our hotel without incident, that's for sure!

We stayed up waaaay late talking again, so Sunday morning came too soon! We had planned to go to church where my brother would be and I found out that my parents planned to be there as well. It was fun to {unexpectedly} see them!

After church, Tia and I grabbed a quick lunch at Jimmy John's then headed home. I had only been away for two nights, but I was SO ready to see my babies! Brianna was super-excited to see me, but Brenson gave me the cold shoulder. Little stink! In fact, today he was still acting kind of mad at me, but hopefully he'll be over it by tomorrow.

It was a great little get-away, and I'm so glad I went! I hope you had a great weekend as well!


Caroline said...

Looks like a fun weekend! Glad you had a good time!

cassidy adams said...

Looks like fun! Your babies are precious:) :)