Sunday, December 1, 2013

Hello, December

And hello, blog-world! It's been a while, yes?

LIFE has been happening at warp-speed, and I'm just really struggling with where blogging fits into it all. However, it puts joy in my heart to have these precious moments documented, so I'm back at it for now. I hope you're still reading :-).

We've had a lot happen since my last post . . . some big things, some not-so-big things . . . but all events that blend together making this one heavy, grief-filled, joyous year. I know that sounds contradictory, so trust me when I say that it is often how this year has felt. I never knew that I could grieve so deeply but still have joy in the everyday. I never knew that grief and joy were so closely intertwined and fused together. I have learned so many lessons this year.

Lest I leave you hanging too much, I'll briefly share some of the biggies that have taken place since the beginning of October (you can look forward to full posts on most of these things later). On October 15th, The Hubs and I participated in a balloon release honoring our lost babies. It was heavy, and I still have trouble wrapping my brain around the fact that I've had TWO miscarriages this year. Then, just two days later, my Pappy (maternal grandfather) passed away. I think I'll always remember 2013 as a year of grief for me.

However, while that was going on, I was taking my kiddos to the pumpkin patch and roasting pumpkin seeds and carving jack-o-lanterns and making caramel apples and taking a hayride and dressing up for Halloween and just enjoying every moment. And, my friend Tia had a beautiful baby girl at the end of October who we have been spoiling and loving on every chance we get.

November brought with it many days spent outside in God's beautiful creation, visits with old friends, my birthday, and of course Thanksgiving. The blessing have been poured upon us!

I'll leave you for now with a photo taken on Thanksgiving Day. Chris was sick on Thanksgiving and not able to travel with us so that's why he's not in the picture. I'm going to try to do better at blogging this month, so hopefully you'll be hearing from me soon!


Joy Lin said...

Love that picture!

Heather said...

I was so glad to see this post! I've been thinking of you :)

antha duncan said...

I was so glad to see your posts. I have really missed them:) You are guys are constantly in my thoughts and prayers, I know it has been bumpy year. (Less than three weeks til we head south for about 10 days) Miss you all.... Squeeze those babies for me.