Monday, December 2, 2013

Monday, Monday

Poor Monday gets such a bad rap. It seems like every week when Monday rolls around, my FB feed is cluttered with people lamenting the fact that it's Monday. I remember when I worked outside the home, every Monday morning I would see co-workers moping through the halls with a pitiful "well, it's Monday" attitude. 

In light of that, I'm here to confess. I like Mondays. A lot, actually. 

Our weekends are usually busy, so my daily household chores are often neglected on the weekends. Our schedule is off. We eat out a lot. It seems like every Sunday night I look around and see piles of laundry, floors that need swept, piles of clutter that need sorted and put away, and a kitchen that needs cleaned. I have two kiddos who are tired and cranky from weekend activities and a tummy that is unsettled from too much junk consumption. 

Monday is my day to catch up, regroup, and refocus. Monday is typically a day that I eat healthy and spend time playing with my kids. Monday is a day that I cook at home and read books. I set goals for my week on Monday. I get the house back in smooth working order on Monday. Monday a breath of fresh air from the weekend flurry. It is a GOOD day around here, so please join me in saying YAY Monday!!! Monday deserves a little slack :-).

These photos have nothing to do with the above sentiment. I just like them and Mondays, so I thought I'd put them together *grin*. They were all taken on my birthday a few weeks ago. 

I love this little girl to pieces!

And my little man is such a joy!

Happy little dude :-).

Since we got such a good photos of my with the children individually, we tried to get a few of me with them together . . . a surprisingly difficult task!

I do like this one pretty well! Love that Brianna put her hand on her hip :-).

We also attempted a few shots of just the children. This is always an adventure! Generally, I'll just pick my favorite photo or two from a series to post on here, but today I thought I'd just post them all. I don't really have the patience (and Chris certainly doesn't) to take hundreds of photos trying to get a perfect one, so we generally snap 5 or 6 and call it good. They aren't perfect, but I love them anyway!

This makes me laugh! 

It was super windy this day, so that didn't help our efforts. 

Brianna was tired of posing and tired of the wind blowing her hair. 

Minus the hair in Bri's face, I like this one pretty well. 

Happy MONDAY, everyone. Remember to be thankful for EVERY day!

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