Thursday, August 21, 2014

Red, White, and Cute!

Independence Day has long been one of my very favorite holidays. We typically stay home and do a fairly low-key celebration. For about the past 4 years, we've celebrated with our friends, but this year was a bit different. We had just returned from our Colorado vacation on the 2nd, and found out that we were expecting twins on the 3rd. So, our celebrations were even a little more low-key than usual!

My dad was out of the country at the time, so my sister and her family were planning to go visit my mom for the holiday. However, my mom decided to come our direction instead, so we spent the day at my sister's house. 

The kids were so excited to spend several hours swimming in their kiddie pool. They are water bugs, for sure!

My cute boy always makes me smile :-).

Bren got tired of the water after about an hour, but Brianna played for closer to two hours!

She and Chloe Jo had a ton of fun!

However, Chloe Jo was not feeling pictures this day.

After letting the kids play most of the afternoon, we cooked out for dinner. Then, I wanted to get some good photos of the kiddos!

They all looked so precious in their red, white, and blue (my sister made this outfit . . . so cute, yes?)

My precious babies . . . we were still in SHOCK that our family was growing by two more at this point!

I adore this photo of these three! It used to be impossible to get a good photo of them all together, but that has recently changed. It must mean they're growing up!

My sister's family:

Me and my girl <3 .="" p="">

Our family:

My mom, sister, and me . . . Chris said, "TWINS" right before he snapped this photo, haha!

After it started to get dark, we headed up the our church building parking lot to shoot off a few fireworks. In the past, Brenson and Chloe Jo have hated fireworks as they're both very sensitive to noise. This year was definitely better for both of them. Bren still insisted on covering his ears, but Chloe Jo seemed mostly unphased by the noise.

At least this year Bren would go near the sparklers!

The same with CJ!

Brianna was super pumped for the fireworks!

We were so thankful for a relaxing and safe day to celebrate our freedoms and independence . . . even if we were still shell-shocked from our news :-)!

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