Monday, August 18, 2014

Twin Pregnancy: 14 Weeks!

Today marks 14 weeks pregnant with our little twinbies. Every week seems like a big accomplishment, so yay for another week!

Here is how I'm looking these days:

My belly is definitely continuing to round out and though I wouldn't say I'm for sure "showing" yet, it won't be long! 

Here I am at 14 weeks with Brenson:

I think I look MUCH better this time around! I spent my whole pregnancy with him feeling gross, and looking back at pictures I think that I wasn't looking my best for sure. I felt like a pretty pregnant woman with Brianna (which is how I feel now, especially regarding skin, nails, hair, etc), so that just adds to my prediction that I'm carrying two girls :-).

I weighed this morning and have gained another pound. That means that I am still one pound below my pre-pregnancy weight. This is typical of my pregnancies, but I'm surprised that it's the case since I'm carrying two. I am 12 pounds lighter than where I was with Brenson at this point, so I think that also makes a big difference in how I look (especially my face).

We had an appointment with Dr. N this past Thursday. I was 13 weeks and 3 days along. It was a really great appointment for two reasons: 1) Chris was able to come with me and see the babies for the first time, and 2) We took the kids with us to see the babies, as well. My appointment was at 10:30, and (surprisingly) the office wasn't busy at all. That is VERY unusual, but it worked out perfectly since the kids were with us! Leann called us back, got my weight first, then my blood pressure. It was 108 over 72. We didn't have to wait long at all to be taken to an exam room, but I was very surprised when she told me it would be a bottoms off appointment. Ummm, I would have thought twice about bringing the kids had I known that! When I asked why bottoms off, she said "just in case he can't see one of them very well with the abdominal ultrasound, he'll use the vaginal one." He didn't end up using the vaginal one, so it was pointless for me to be bottoms off after all. Grrrr.

Both babies are higher now (just under my belly button) and more side by side than they were at my last appointment. When Dr. N got the audio of Baby A's heartbeat, Brianna was just fascinated. Bren immediately covered his ears and said, "Too loud" haha! He's always so sensitive to noise. But they both LOVED seeing the babies! 

We got a really great view of Baby B for the first time! Love this photo!

This is B's profile. He/she was sucking its thumb off and on.

Another shot of Baby B . . . full body.

Dr. N had to work pretty hard to get a good look at Baby A. He jiggled and moved my tummy around until I felt super sick, but we finally got this picture.

After playing with Baby A trying to get him/her to cooperate, Dr. N said, "Well, you have one very photogenic baby. And then there's the other one." Ha! He's always so blunt about things! I was so glad to get a good look at Baby B though, since last time we weren't able to see him/her very well.

During the appointment, Brianna shared with Dr. N that we're naming the babies Peacock and Penguin. He cracked up, told Brianna those were great names, then turned to me and winked. It was cute (of both Brianna and N). I did have to have blood drawn at the end of the appointment, but I'm so used to needles these days that it doesn't bother me at all anymore. Overall, it was just a really great appointment!

I noticed that I've had a lot more energy this week, and I only had gagging episodes twice ALL week! I also only had one headache, so I'm definitely entering the "honeymoon phase" of pregnancy where I'm just feeling good for the most part. My energy isn't 100% back to normal, but I kind of wonder if it will be? We're generally very active/busy in the mornings, so by naptime I am worn out! I nap while the kids are napping for about 45 minutes every day, and I'm thinking that this may just be how it is with this pregnancy. My body is working pretty hard to grow two babies! Of course, it's been very hot here the past week or so, and I can certainly tell that the heat affects my energy levels as well.

My appetite was HUGE this week. I generally eat a protein packed breakfast at like 8am, and by 10:30ish I am HUNGRY. I was telling Chris that I'm physically hungry, not mentally hungry. What I mean by that is that food doesn't necessarily sound good, but my stomach is physically growling. It's kind of ridiculous! I'm just concentrating on trying to eat reasonable and healthy meals and snacks, and not worrying about it too much from there. I have been slacking a bit on my water intake (not getting a full gallon down every day), but I still generally get at least 80 ounces down. I'm trying to concentrate on drinking more this week. 

We are so thankful for another good pregnancy week! Praising God for these blessings!


Robbie said...

Yay!!! Good appointments make you feel so good :) Will you be finding out gender?

JoJo said...

Babies and ur self look great!

~Momma to Twin Girls~ said...

How fun that both the kids and hubby got to see the babies. And you look fabulous!!!