Monday, October 27, 2014

Twin Pregnancy: 24 Weeks!

Yay for 24 weeks today!!! This is a big milestone as it's generally considered "viability", meaning that if the babies were to be born now, they would have a chance at survival outside the womb. Of course, them being born this early is NOT what we are praying for, but it is a little comforting to know there is a possibility of survival. 

Here are my little twinbies this week:

Brianna wanted in on the belly pics this week. She loves to hug on the babies, especially when they kick her :-).

I haven't done a comparison photo in a few weeeks, so here I am at 24 weeks with Brenson (on the left) and the twinbies (on the right):
I personally don't think there is much difference in belly size. Overall, I am heavier in the Brenson pic (as usual), but the belly is about the same. What do you think?

When I weighed this morning, I was surprised to find that I didn't gain any weight from last week. I lost about a half of a pound, actually. That puts my weight gain total still at 13 pounds overall. With Brenson at this point, I had gained 14 pounds, and it was about the same with Brianna. I didn't pay as much attention to it when I was pregnant with her. So, that makes me feel good that I'm right about where I was with him regarding weight gain, although weighing about 13 pounds less overall.

Sleep has been really good for me some nights and not good at all other nights. I can't figure out what the difference is, but I do know that I feel MUCH better the day after a good night's rest. We had a pretty low key week last week as I was still recovering from my Chicago trip, so I did take advantage of the opportunity to nap a few days. I don't generally nap for long (just about 45 minutes or so), but it feels SO good.

My food cravings have pretty much gone by the wayside, along with my food aversions. My appetite right now is just pretty normal for me! The one thing that does sound really good all the time is iced tea from Quik Trip with crushed ice. I drink unsweetened tea - so aside from the caffeine concern - I don't mind letting myself indulge in one several times a week. We go to a local Mexican restaurant pretty much every Wednesday evening before Bible study, and this past week I downsized my usual order. I just can't eat too much without being absolutely miserable, so I decided to just take away the temptation to eat my normal portion size. I certainly felt better Wednesday night after eating only a small portion, but I did have to grab a snack before bed that night :-).

We had an appointment with Dr. N this past Thursday, but his nurse called and moved me to Friday due to a c-section situation with another patient. She said that he wasn't originally taking appointments on Friday, but that he opened up a small time frame (less than two hours) to see his "higher needs" patients. The great thing about this was that his office was not busy at all, and we had ZERO wait to see him. Chris and the kiddos were with me, so it was perfect timing.

I was 23 weeks and 4 days along, and my blood pressure was 122 over 72 at this appointment. The babies were in the same position that they've been in pretty much all along (Baby B on the left head up, Baby A on the right head down). We heard both heartbeats, and Dr. N even decided to do quick measurements since he had a little time (his words). He and I were both thrilled that both babies are now weighing 1 pound and 7 ounces! That's a good, healthy weight for this gestational age. He did ask us about names, so we shared with him the names that we're using right now to see how they work and feel. Then he asked, "Who's first?", meaning which one is Baby A, to which Brianna very quickly replied, "I am!" Hahaha! She is SUCH an oldest child! He has checked on the ultrasound that my pelvis is "empty" at every appointment, and is always happy to see that it is. I'm not entirely sure what the significance of that is, but praise God that everything is going smoothly and both babies are growing and healthy!

Dr. N's nurse did tell me that I needed to pick up my glucose drink for my next appointment, and y'all I FORGOT. I straight up walked out of the office without thinking about it again. Pregnancy brain is REAL and it has been a struggle this pregnancy. For a person who easily remembers details and dates and appointments and never runs late, I can't tell you how frustrating it is to have a brain that is not functioning like it normally does! And, because I don't generally need to, I'm not accustomed to writing things down or setting reminders for myself, so Chris has been teaching me his many "life cheats" to help me hold my mess together. So anyway, I don't have the glucose drink, so I need to call the office to see if I should come pick it up for my next appointment or not. My next appointment is at 25 weeks and 3 days - and generally Dr. N does the glucose test at 28 weeks - so I'm wondering if the nurse forgot that I come in every two weeks instead of every four? Or, if I need to do it earlier since I'm pregnant with twins? I just need to call and find out!

Our countdown to our 38 week due date is now in the double digits! Yay for that! We are so excited to meet these little people growing inside of me!!!

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I am 7 weeks with twins. We did IVF, more specifically a FET, and transferred two embryos. On Halloween we were confirmed that there are in fact two little babies growing with heart rates of 150bpm!

Feel free to check out or blog

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