Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Weekend Happenings

I realize it's already Wednesday, but it's not too late to talk about the weekend, right? After several weekends in a row where we didn't have too many plans (we were busy, for sure, but busy at home), this past weekend felt pretty packed with activities! 

On Friday night, I went over to my friend Tia's house to help her do some prep and decorating for her baby girl's birthday party the next day. We were so thrilled to join our friends in celebrating sweet Sadie's first year! Isn't she the most precious thing?!?

The party was pretty big (like about 60 guests, I think), so it made Sadie-girl a little nervous when we all gathered around to sing to her. Brianna was trying to comfort her a bit :-).

Their entire house was decorated SO sweetly for Sadie's party. I love watching Ross and Tia parent their little girl!

One super fun thing about the party was that Ross and Tia hired a food truck to park in their driveway, and all the guests could order food right on the spot. And, the food was YUMMY! I had a hot ham-and-cheese sandwich that melted in my mouth.

Drink station with delish punch:

Tia had also set up a Candy Bar in their dining room. The M&Ms were custom made with Sadie's photo on them, but there was all sorts of other great candy to choose from as well.

Even the napkins were personalized!

There were a ton more decorations and details that I didn't get photos of (like the three-tiered cake!), but everything was just adorable! They even hired a balloon artist to come and do balloon animals for the kiddos . . . and my kids LOVED this! Brianna kept going back to get more and more balloons. Ross and Tia have a fantastic yard for entertaining - and the weather was fabulous - so we spent the majority of our time outdoors. Despite the dozen or so yard games that they had set up, all the kids wanted to do was play in the pool. Of course!
Happy birthday, sweet Sadie. We love you!

As soon as we left Sadie's party, we headed home so the kids could go down for nap and I headed to an engagement party for my friend, Joy Lin. She is getting married THIS weekend, and I couldn't be more excited for her! We worked together back in the day when I worked outside the home, and she was my sanity many days. I'm super sad that I forgot to snap a photo of us together on Saturday, and the most recent photo I could find of the two of us together is from over four years ago. How can that be? I must remember to get a photo of us together this weekend!

While I was celebrating with Joy Lin, our next door neighbor was having a first birthday party for their daughter. As soon as the kiddos got up from nap, they headed next door for the second birthday party of the day. They had a live petting zoo at this party, so my kids thought it was GREAT! Chris didn't get any photos of this, but they told me allllllll about it when I got home. 

After such a big day, I was exhausted when I got home that evening. Brianna really wanted to wear her hair curly for church the next day, but I was too worn out to do it. However, Chris decided he could curl her hair, so he did! It was his first time to ever use sponge curlers, and he rolled her hair super tight. That meant that Miss Bri had BIG and CURLY hair the next morning, but she loved it! And hey, I was impressed that he even tried. What a lucky little girl!
I generally take my belly pics on Sunday mornings before church, so Brianna was copying me, haha!

After church on Sunday morning and evening, we went to a Trunk of Treats event that we have made a tradition since Brianna was 1 year old. Our friends, Wes and Kendall, generally have a trunk, so we always enjoy seeing them at the event. As a sneak peak, here are my littles all dressed up for the Trunk of Treats this year: 

We went with a literary theme this year. Brenson went as Max from Where the Wild Things Are (his current favorite book, although this changes frequently), and Brianna was dressed as Olivia the pig from the Olivia books. They both looked adorable!

Overall, it was a busy but great weekend! This week is full of Halloween activities, so we're just trying to soak it all up and enjoy our time together. I hope you all had a good weekend, too!

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antha duncan said...

Loved seeing this post.. not sure how something can make me happy but make my heart hurt all at once. Miss you all.