Monday, November 3, 2014

Twin Pregnancy: 25 Weeks!

Today marks 25 weeks along in my pregnancy with the twinbies. As always, I'm excited to check off another week!

Here is the 25 week baby belly:

I took my first belly pic while pregnant with Brianna when I was 25 weeks along, so this week's comparison pic includes three photos! I wish I hadn't cut off my head in her belly pic, but I did. I was for sure smaller with her!

Belly with Brianna, Brenson, and the twibies:

I gained two pounds this week. I keep wondering when the weight gain will taper off a bit, but so far I'm still gaining pretty steadily. That puts my total weight gain at 15 pounds. I certainly don't feel like I've gained 15 pounds, but the scale doesn't lie! I'm okay with the weight gain as long as the babies are healthy and growing!

Some days, my belly feels very heavy already. I notice it especially when I've been on my feet a long time or when I'm trying to roll over in bed. This pretty much sums it up: 
Haha! I just keep wondering how I'm going to ever roll over in about 10 weeks?!?

This week at Library Story Time with the kids, there was a lady there (who I've seen several times before) that has a little boy and girl who looked like they might be twins. I asked her if they were, and she acted almost a little annoyed when she answered yes. Then, I told her I am expecting twins, and she became really friendly and chatty. I'm sure the questions get SO old, so I don't blame her. Anyway, so she and her friend were both so complimentary and nice to say how I didn't look like I was having twins, and especially not 24 weeks along! I definitely enjoyed hearing that! I hear a lot of mixed comments, and just the next day had a lady say, "Oh wow, you're only 24 weeks!?! I feel sorry for you!" Comments like that don't bother me for the most part . . . it's just funny how I get both ends of the spectrum. I love my baby bump and am incredibly thankful for it!!!

We had a week jam packed with Halloween activities. One evening, we carved pumpkins as a family, and I couldn't resist comparing a pumpkin to the twinbies bump. There's not too much difference :-)!

Brenson felt the babies kick for the first time this week and was NOT impressed. They kicked pretty big, and when they did he jerked his hand away from my belly and ran off. Later, he told Chris that he did not like that and has declined touching my belly ever since, haha! Then, a few days ago, Brianna said, "Mom, I hope our babies actually come out as kitty cats." I said, "What?!?" and she said, "That would be better than human babies, don't ya think?" Ummmm, no. No, I don't.  I was not impressed! I'm not a cat person, and if I wanted cats I could have accomplished that much easier than getting pregnant with twins! She is so funny . . . I just never know what's going to come out of her mouth!

I spent some time washing and hanging baby clothes, working on the nursery, and organizing bottles and such this week. It feels so good to get some things accomplished toward actually bringing the babies home! I wouldn't say I'm in full-on nesting mode, but I am certainly feeling anxious to get some things finished. 

We have another appointment with Dr. N in a few days, so I'll update all about that next week. I hope you all have had a good start to your week!

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cassidy adams said...

I am getting excited for you! Kitty Cats!!! Hahahaha:) Now THAT is one for the books;)