Tuesday, March 31, 2015

When Photographing Newborn Twins . . .

. . . be sure to have loads of patience. 

It's no easy task as their heads and bodies will flop all around,

and it will be impossible to get them to look your direction.

They'll stick out their tongues,

and scrunch their little faces.

Of course, expect to have lots of yawns (and maybe a few closed eyes),

and even lots of fussing.

One may refuse to turn their head toward you,

while the other sits looking all cute.

They will probably start to wear out pretty quickly,

and have to lean on each other for support.

In the end, you'll just give up getting a perfect shot. And, you'll love all the photos, anyway. 

*Photos taken on March 16 when Brooke (in pink) and Brecklyn (in blue) were 6 weeks old*


JoJo said...

Bahaha this made me laugh. How adorable!

Robbie said...

This post made me realize how much Brooke really looks like Brenson! How do you tell the girls apart?