Monday, March 30, 2015

Brianna's 5th Birthday

Happy Monday, everyone! We had a good weekend, and I hope you did, too. I realized that I never posted about Brianna's birthday, so today that will be the feature on this blog of mine :-).

Brianna turned five years old (!) on February 18th. It was a Wednesday this year and fell during the time that Chris was on paternity leave for the twins. We kept it pretty low-key, but had a nice day.

My big girl . . . she is growing up so much! 

While she is as spunky as ever, she is a great help to me with Brenson and the babies. She gladly does just about anything I ask her to do, and I am thankful for her every day.

Just like on Brenson's birthday, we started out the day with a craft. Brianna and Brenson really just wanted to color, so I got out some stencils that they had never used and let them experiment with those. They loved it!

I was surprised at how well Bren was able to use them!

After spending the morning coloring and playing, we asked Brianna what she wanted for lunch. She chose Subway! She loves Subway, but we don't often go there because I feel like I can make a sandwich at home that tastes just as good as Subway. However, since it was her birthday, we complied :-). Of course, we had to get drinks from Sonic because they are the best.

Brianna had requested "pink" when I asked her what she wanted her cake to look like. She didn't really care about any other details . . . just that it was pink! So, pink frosting, pink candles, and Pinkie Pie it was!

Every year, she loves it when we sing to her. This girl doesn't mind at all being the center of attention.

Blowing out her candles . . . I wonder what her wish was . . .

I also bought fun pink plates and napkins for our little celebration. Brianna is so easy to please, and she was as pleased as could be.

Brenson, Daddy, and Brecklyn

Momma, Brooke, and Brianna

I had saved back the few small gifts that we purchased for Brianna so she would have something to open on her actual birthday. We had asked her back in January what she wanted for her birthday, and she was very specific with her requests. However, before she opened her packages, we had her guess what might be in them. I don't think she got any of them right, ha!

She has a Precious Moments Birthday Train, so every year we add a piece to it.

Up until this point, she was being pretty calm and controlled. However, when she started opening this big package from her siblings, she got a little crazy acting.

Haha . . . you can see the intensity on her face!

Her siblings got her a car seat/carrier for her baby dolls. She loves to load up a baby and carry it around just like Momma.

The rest of our day was pretty standard for a Wednesday. We all took a nap, had an early and easy dinner, and headed to Bible Class for the evening. Regardless of its simplicity, Brianna was thrilled with her special day.

Happy 5th birthday to our big girl! It's so hard to believe that FIVE years have gone by since we first held you in our arms. You light up our world!

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antha duncan said...

She is such a precious girl. Love reading your blog. Miss you guys