Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Baby Jack, The Weekend, and Other Ramblings

This week began Brianna's first full week of school. We're all still trying to adjust to this new routine and rigid schedule. We've always kept a schedule, but it's different for me to have to constantly think about being in town for pick up and Brianna's earlier bedtime (she's going to bed a full hour earlier than before). Also, we tend to travel on a whim quite a bit, but that will have to come to an end. It's just a change in mindset. 

Brecklyn and Brooke have been missing their biggest sister during the day. They will often get up from nap and just look around the house, and I think they're looking for her! Pick up happens right during their afternoon nap (2:45pm), so we've had to adjust their schedule quite a bit. They're doing okay, but still trying to fully transition to the new schedule.

I've had several comments about how my days must be a little easier now that I only have three at home instead four. The truth is, Brianna is such a huge help to me that sometimes it is harder without her! She's so good to soothe babies and run to get me anything I need. Bren wants to help, but crying babies stress him out a good bit. The other day, Brecklyn was crying because she had fallen over. I was nursing Brooke so I asked Bren to please set Brecklyn back up. He tried, but she was wiggling and crying, and he finally said, "I can't handle this!" Haha! Poor guy.

I would say that right now the transition of having Brianna gone all day has been the hardest on Bren. He's kind of acted like he doesn't know what to do with himself without her here. Yesterday was better, and we've been praying that things will continue to improve. I am getting more one-on-one time with him, and I think we're both loving that.

My dear friend, Kendall, had a baby boy toward the end of July. Brianna had been begging to go meet him, so early last week (before school started) we paid a visit to their house. Miss Bri was thrilled to hold sweet baby Jack.

As you all know, Chris and I struggled with infertility for years before finally being blessed with babies. Kendall and her husband, Wes, also dealt with infertility, so Kendall and I were in the trenches together for several years. It's incredible and such a testament to our glorious God when we look at our combined crew of SEVEN sweet babies, knowing where He brought us from. Love these sweeties!

*Sidenote* - Every photo in this post was taken with a phone. My hands always seem to be full, so grabbing my phone is just so much easier than using my big camera. However, I'm always a little disappointed in the photos since they tend to be blurry, foggy, discolored, etc. It's nice to have the photos on my phone because I often text them to Chris throughout the day or put them on social media, but I need to be better about using the big camera!

A few days after Jack was born, my friend, Angie, and I went to visit Kendall and the kiddos. This was my first time meeting and holding him. He was about five days old. Eeeep!

I mean, seriously!

I was also able to spend some time with Kendall's twin girls who are 2 1/2. I helped with bedtime, so I got to read them a few stories. They are such sweeties!

Holding Mr. Jack was giving me some serious baby fever . . . and isn't that ridiculous??? I mean, I currently have TWO babies! For those of you who are "done", does the baby fever ever go away or will I always feel a little twinge when I hold a newborn?

Sweet, sleepy Jack:

This post is kind of all over the place, but writing about Jack made me think of these photos. At the end of June, Amy, Angie, Kendall, and I all got together for a night to celebrate Kendall's growing family (I think she was about 36 weeks pregnant in these photos). We all have our own families and responsibilities, so getting together is challenging but we had such a great night! 

We got mani/pedis,

went to eat at a hibatchi grill,

went to Hobby Lobby (Ha! Kendall and I were just so happy to be shopping without children . . . things have sure changed!),

then hit up The Melting Pot for dessert. 

We've all been friends for over 10 years, so we've seen many life changes.

I think we would all agree though, the friendship continues to get sweeter and sweeter.

I think I originally sat down to post about this past weekend. Apparently, I'm taking the long way around *grin*.

Our Saturday consisted of grocery shopping, house cleaning, and a fun little back to school bash at Ross & Tia's house. I didn't have my camera with me (just too many other things to think about right now), but we had a good time eating BBQ, playing outside, and visiting.

Sunday morning, I had all the kids dressed in coordinating outfits, so I wanted some photos. The babies didn't feel like smiling, but I think it's cute anyway.

You can see how thrilled the big kids were to be taking photos. Brenson especially has been less than cooperative lately with photos. I'll be honest . . . that doesn't really work for me!

They generally do better if they're posing with Daddy. I'm not sure why this is?

After church on Sunday, we went to Chris's sister's house to celebrate his parents' birthdays. They both have August birthdays, so it worked out perfectly.

Chris's grandma with Brecklyn and Brooke:

Meme with Brecklyn and Brooke:

Our niece, Abby, with Brooke and Brecklyn:

Abby is so good with the babies! It's cute to see her with them, and I think we see a babysitter in our future :-).

Brooke and Meme . . . Miss Brooke was smiling the whole afternoon even though she was missing her nap!

There is a neighborhood park close to Chris's sister's house, so Chris, Meme, and I took the kids down there to play. 


The babies in a swing together just melts my heart. HOW am I so blessed to have TWO babies?!?

We did separate them into different swings for a while. They liked it both ways!

Miss Breckles was very sleepy, but enjoyed swinging anyway.

Brecklyn and Meme:

*Sidenote* - our weather has been ridiculously nice for August. I think the high on Sunday was in the 80s. We generally still have three digit temps at this point in the summer, so we are soaking up this cooler weather!

Abby was so good to grab our kids' hands while they were walking across the street.

Sunday was Meme's actual birthday, so I wanted a photo of her with her six grandchildren. I thought this came out pretty cute!

I hope everyone is having a great start to their week so far! 

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