Monday, August 17, 2015

Monday Randoms

It's been a while since I've written a post of random thoughts, so I decided today is the day for one! Just try to contain your excitement! *grin*

  • We dress the babies alike much of the time . . . mostly because many of the hand-me-downs we received from my friend, Kendall, are matching sets of clothes. Brianna has been asking pretty often lately to also match with the babies, so I hit up Carter's and bought several sets of matching outfits for the three of them. A couple of the sets match exactly and a couple are just coordinating, but Brianna was thrilled.
*Sidenote* - we were out in public quite a bit on the day these photos were taken, and I had several people ask me if I made the girls' shirts? Not just one, but several. I thought that was strange? I also posted the photo below on my FB page, and one of my friends asked me the same question! 

My matching girls . . . Brecklyn, Brianna,  and Brooke

Brooke, Brianna, and Brecklyn

We had to get brother in on this one, even though he wasn't matching. I asked him if wanted to wear a pair of pink leggings, and he firmly and immediately said, "No!" haha.

However, I did buy him several shirts that coordinate with the girls' outfits! I'm not so sure he was as excited as I was, ha! 

  • I finished Brianna's baby book the other day . . . as in every page is completely filled out and all the photo spots are occupied, as well. Her baby book goes through 5 years old - and while she's been 5 for a while now - it was still kind of sad for me to finish her book. I also have Brenson's book caught up to the age he is now, but I haven't even started the babies' books. Ah well.

The final opening of Brianna's baby book . . . completed!

  • A few weeks ago, we were in the car listening to one of our {many}albums of children's songs. A silly song came on that has the lyrics, "6 was afraid of 7, cause 7 8 9 . . ." Just a minute or so after the song played, Brianna - in a very serious voice - said, "Mom, is 6 really afraid of 7?" Haha! That girl keeps us laughing!

  • I really don't enjoy cooking too much (although I do it because I have to), and I'm certainly not much of a baker. I have the skills . . . I'm just lacking the desire :-). However, my kids love to help in the kitchen, and they especially love to bake. They had been asking to make muffins (from scratch . . . we do muffins from a box about once a month), so the other morning we made a batch of chocolate chip muffins from scratch for breakfast. And let me tell ya, they were YUMMY! While the kiddos really enjoyed making them, these particular (super tasty but not super healthy) muffins will be a twice-a-year type of special treat. 


  • Last thing for today - in the past year or so, we've been doing a lot more shopping at Sam's. It just makes sense for us now that we have a bigger family. The babies are now big enough to ride in the cart, and a few Saturdays ago while finishing up our shopping, Brecklyn was starting to get fussy. Brooke put her arm around her sister and even patted her on the back. It was seriously the cutest thing! I'm still often in wonder that we had two babies at the same time, and that God has blessed us so richly. Love these little ladies!

Happy Monday!

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