Tuesday, September 15, 2015

This is ridiculous.

It's probably pretty obvious that I love photos. I especially love photos of my family, so anytime we have the opportunity to get a photo of all of us together, I try to take it. However, photos with four littles that are five years old and under is NOT an easy task! Since we take photos so often, our kids are trained pretty well regarding what to do in front of the camera, but apparently that doesn't make a huge difference. We will often take eight to ten photos just to get one where everyone is somewhat looking and no one is in the middle of a sneeze or something. 

This morning - while transferring photos from my camera to my computer - I came across a series of family photos from a few weekends ago. I thought I'd post them to show everyone just what trying to take a family photo looks like for us these days. I mean really . . . this is ridiculous.

It started off pretty strong . . . minus Brooke's mean mug, we were doing okay. 

As you can see, we had one not being too cooperative.

Again, this one is okay minus Brooke's pucker AND the fact that part of the kids were looking one way while Chris and I are looking the other.

Now we have two not looking.

Brenson is over it. Brooke is still not looking.

Chris is over it. Bren's eyes are closed. Brianna and Brooke aren't looking.

And this one? I actually think it's pretty good minus the fact that all of the children are looking at my Dad (who was snapping this pic on his phone) while Chris and I are looking at my camera. Oh, and Brianna's head is cut off. Sigh.

We actually tried again the next day and captured this decent photo. I'm definitely not loving how I look in this picture, but overall I'd call it a win.

Who else out there understands this struggle???


Charlotte said...

Oh, the struggle is real! I, however, do not have the patience for taking a thousand photos or posing for a thousand photos, either. So I would go with the pic that has the majority of us looking at the same camera and smiling. The ones from your group of pictures I would have deemed good enough would be #1, #4, and #5. I am impressed you got picture that good especially with 2 being babies!

Cassidy Adams said...

Totally understand with just one kid! Can't IMAGINE four!!!:) I think you took a gem of a picture:)