Sunday, November 22, 2015

Enjoying Autumn Bit-by-bit

In 2012, my sister and her family moved to a town about 15 miles from where we live. They had previously lived across the country from us, so we were thrilled to have them so close. That year, we started several traditions with them, including visiting the Bit-by-bit Pumpkin Patch in their town during Autumn. 

This year, we chose Saturday, October 10th to meet them at the patch. The weather was gorgeous, and we had a fabulous time! 

Brooke and Brecklyn enjoying their first Bit-by-bit Patch experience!

This pumpkin patch doesn't actually have a pumpkin patch. However, they do sell pumpkins and have lots of activities for the kids. The hay bale maze is a favorite every year.


Chloe Jo


The big kids also enjoy the obstacle course which includes climbing these hay bales. 

Uncle Russ and Brecklyn, enjoying the nice day.

There were a few new things this year which included a corn pit. Brooke was amused when I put her in it. 

Brecklyn . . . not so much :-)

Again, the big kids had a GREAT time in the corn pit! 

It was a mess, though! We found corn in their shoes, clothes, hair, etc.

I wonder why? Haha.

One of the things that we love about visiting this pumpkin patch is that it's open, in a small town, and not busy. This means that we can let the children run free and not worry about them. Of course, we don't let them out of our sight, but we don't feel like they have to be holding our hands the entire time, which is certainly nice. 

The Jail House was another new addition this year. Too funny!

One thing we've enjoyed every year is feeding a few animals in their small barn. I believe this is the first year that Chloe has dared to get close to the animals. The first year we came (when she was 3 years old), she wouldn't even step foot in the barn!

Brianna has always loved feeding the animals. 

Bren is more cautious than Brianna, but he will do it. 

I have a photo of Brenson, me, and Brianna in the barn from 3 years ago, 2 years ago, and now this year. My, how they have grown!

Another favorite at this patch is the barrel train. The babies didn't get to ride, but we did put them in one of the cars for fun :-).

Brooke, Brecklyn

All aboard!

Brooke and Daddy

Momma and Brecklyn

Brooke, Lisa, Momma, and Brecklyn

Here comes the train! Our kids think this is the best thing ever. For real. 

Bren had to check out the tractor once the train ride was over. He was thrilled to be invited to sit on it!

Love my little family!

We finished our visit with a ride on the hayride. I just love these photos because you can truly see how much fun we were having!

Chloe, Brooke, Bren, Brecklyn, and Brianna

Hahaha Brecklyn . . . so serious!

Bren's favorite part about the hayride was watching the tractor that pulled it. Of course :-).

Cousins and besties!

This photo is definitely not great (I think only one kid is looking), but I love it anyway. I hope that our children will one day cherish these memories as much as I do.

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