Saturday, November 14, 2015

In The Pumpkin Patch

When we were in the throws of infertility, there were certain activities or holidays that were big triggers for me. Autumn has always been my favorite, and my love for pumpkins, falling leaves, and crisp air is no secret. Because of that, seeing photos of children at the pumpkin patch in their cute autumn clothes enjoying the fall air was always incredibly hard for me while we were waiting for our babies. I would say that - for me - it was even more difficult than the Christmas season which is widely known as a common trigger in infertility communities. Enjoying autumnal activities was something I dreamed of doing one day with my own little crew, and my heart yearned to experience it with my babies. I even remember that the year we lost B3, visiting the pumpkin patch triggered some major emotions for me. It was the first big tradition that we would have celebrated with that baby had he lived, and my heart just grieved.

So now, I can say with confidence that one of my very favorite family traditions each year is taking our children to visit the pumpkin patch. I was so excited for the babies to experience their very first visit this year! I adore these photos and am still in awe that God has blessed me with these children.

Our tradition is to visit Carmichael Pumpkin Patch in early October each year. We like to go on a weeknight as it is not too busy, so this year we went on Tuesday, October 6th. The big kids know that we take photos first, then we get to have fun and explore!

My first little baby love, Brianna

While I can't believe she's already five years old, I am loving this age with her. Her personality just sparkles, and I adore that about her!

My baby Brooke Ellie

This baby girl's smile just lights up a room. She was excited to see what the pumpkin patch was all about!

 My little man, Brenson

He charms me daily with his sweet spirit and compassionate heart. He is such a loving, caring, serious old soul.

And, my littlest love, Brecklyn

I relate so well to her reserved, slow-to-warm nature, and when she smiles she warms my heart.

My big kids had a blast at the pumpkin patch. It has become one of their favorite yearly traditions, as well.

After pictures in the pumpkins, we explored the rest of the grounds. I thought a photo with this witch would be fun, but Brianna was freaked out by her, haha. Torture.

The big kids always love running through the hay bale maze.

And, of course, we enjoy seeing the animals.

Brenson wasn't too sure about these guys . . . he didn't want to get too close!

Brianna, on the other hand, had no reservations.

Brooke Ellie mimics her big sister in so many ways. This was just another way that we discovered Brooke is like Brianna . . . she loved the animals!

This photo . . . priceless!

I love my Brooke baby!

Brecklyn was more reserved around the animals than Brooke was.

However, she wasn't scared, so we were glad of that.

Brianna was even brave enough to pet them.

And Brecklyn, too! I adore the look on her face.

Momma and Brianna . . . being photobombed by a goat! Haha!

I really wanted a photo of all four kiddos, but thought it might be a bit of an impossible task. Surprisingly, we were able to get one!

The big kids wanted to pull the babies in the wagon, so we let them try it.

With a little teamwork and a lot of effort, they were able to do it.

Haha . . . it was hard work, apparently!

Love my little Breckle baby

And my handsome Brenson man!

After visiting the animals and running around the grounds, it was time to choose a few pumpkins to take home. We let each of the children choose one small one for their room.

Brianna and her baby pumpkin

Daddy helping Brooke Ellie choose a pumpkin

We have a winner!

Daddy helping Brecklyn Sarah choose a pumpkin

She didn't want to let it go!

And finally, I asked a random stranger if they would mind taking a family photo for us even though I wasn't too hopeful that we'd get a decent one. After all, family photos are no easy task these days, but I was pleasantly surprised when I looked at my camera. I really love it!!!

A simple evening at the pumpkin patch with my family = a dream come true for me.


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Cheryl said...

What a fun outing with your family! All of your pics are so good! Such cute, cute kids...