Monday, December 21, 2015

A Few Favorites

Hi, Everyone! I hope you all are having a wonderful December! Isn't it just flying by? Who else can't believe Christmas is THIS week???

Every year I try to capture a few photos of my kiddos in front of the Christmas tree, and every year it proves to be a challenge. I just love them (the kids and the pictures :-), though, so I keep at it. Sunday morning it a great time for us to take photos because we're all fixed up for going to church, but it's also often a tough time to take photos as we're trying to get everyone presentable and out the door. A little over a week ago, I told Chris that I wanted to try and take our Christmas photos that morning. We ended up being very successful with individual pics!

Brianna is old enough now that picture taking is easy-peasy for the most part :-).

Brenson is getting better, though sometimes he does a really terrible "camera smile". His camera smile was no where to be found this day, however, so I love these photos!

Brooke did great for her first Christmas photos. I seriously couldn't believe how easy this was at this point!

Even Brecklyn - who can often be a little tougher to get to sit still and smile - made it so easy to get a great photo. 

My next goal was to get a photo of the twins in front of the tree. They wouldn't smile, but at least they sat still long enough for us to get this one. I love it of their serious faces! 

Finally, we tried to get a photo of all four children, and it was a complete disaster. I should have quit while I was ahead! Everyone was just over taking photos, the babies would not sit still, and Daddy lost his patience with the whole mess. I quickly waved the white flag and decided to be happy with the photos we did capture :-).

Because I'm often the one behind the camera, I don't have a lot of photos of me with the children. I always wish I had more of these photos, so yesterday I asked Chris if he would try to get a few good ones. Again, I couldn't believe how well they turned out. The lighting isn't great, but I love them anyway.
Brooke and Momma

Brianna and Momma

Bren and Momma

Brecklyn and Momma

Have a magical and safe Christmas week!

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