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2015: A Year in Photos

Happy 2016, everyone! I hope you're having a fun and safe New Year's Day!

Several years ago when I started doing these Year in Photos posts, my goal was to choose one favorite photo from each month of the year. Haha . . . well, I could never keep it narrowed down to just one, and I ended up choosing 4 or 5 photos for most months. This year, I didn't even try. I just chose as many photos as I wanted to from each month and decided that was okay! Some months - like February - are BIG months for us, and I just didn't want to choose only one photo.

With that said, be prepared for photo overload (if you're a regular reader, you know this is nothing new :-). Here is an overview of a GREAT year for us. We praise God for another year of abundant life with all its ups and downs. These are my favorite photos from 2015!


Ringing in the new year (I was 33 weeks pregnant with the twins and just getting over the flu),

taking a big sibling class to prepare for the arrival of our little sisters, 

and soaking up our last few weeks as a family of four!


Anticipating the birth of the twins just hours before they arrived,

meeting Brooke and Brecklyn, 

introducing the girls to so many special people (Meme and Papa), 

(Grampy and G-Jo), 

(Brianna and Brenson), 

taking our first family photo as a family of SIX,

bringing Brecklyn and Brooke home from the hospital, 

taking the babies to their first pediatrician appointment, 

celebrating our little man turning 3 years old, 

getting newborn photos made of Brooke and Brecklyn, 

enjoying the babies' first snow, 

partying for Brenson and Brianna's birthdays,

introducing the babies to people we love (Grandma), 

(Grandpa and Grandma), 

going to meet with the church and worship God as a family of six for the first time, 

spending time with loved ones, 

celebrating Brianna turning 5 years old, 

eating out as a family of six for the first time, 

and enjoying a few more snow days. 

Yes, February was a HUGE month for us!


Spending lots of time together as a family, 

enrolling Brianna in Kindergarten *tear*, 

celebrating St. Patrick's Day, 

dying Easter eggs with our cousin, 

soaking up time with our cousins from out-of-town, 

meeting the Easter Bunny, 

and watching the twinbies grow!


Spending Easter together, 

Momma having double hernia repair surgery (not a favorite photo, but a significant part of our year so I included it),

introducing Granny Tiger to the babies, 

cherishing sweet, sweet moments with the twinbies, 

and taking advantage of the nicer weather.


Visiting Daddy at work, 

observing Mother's Day, 

treasuring every day life together, 

meeting Grandpa for a picnic in the park, 

and relishing those baby smiles.


Soaking up more smiles, 

playing outside together, 

visiting Grampy and G-Jo and making a trip to the zoo, 

celebrating Father's Day, 

learning to travel with twin infants, 

and taking a mini vacation to the zoo in OKC

(Brooke and Brianna)

(Brecklyn and Daddy)

(Brenson and Momma)

(taking a ride on the zoo train).


Celebrating Independence Day in Wichita, 

loving on my Granny, 

modeling our tie-dye t-shirts, 

working in the yard with Daddy, 

smiling pretty for the camera, 

taking swim lessons, 

participating in family fun nights, 

visiting Grandpa and Grandma, 

and checking things off our summer fun list (like snocones!)


Making a trip to KC for the weekend, 

cherishing our last few weeks before Brianna started school, 

seeing beauty in the little moments, 

rocking the look, 

attending open house at Brianna's school, 

sending our oldest off to school for the first time *tear again*, 

still smiling for the camera :-), 

and getting Brooke and Brecklyn's 6 month photos taken. 


Visiting Grampy and G-Jo, 

walking for a cause near to our hearts, 

and spending our days soaking up this cuteness!


Treasuring the precious sibling bonds developing between our kiddos, 

visiting the pumpkin patch,

(and again), 

marking 14 years of marriage, 

having fun with these cuties, 

dressing up for Halloween, 

and celebrating Daddy's 35th birthday!


Carving pumpkins, 

roasting pumpkin seeds,

taking photos in pumpkins, 

capturing lots of beautiful family photos, 

celebrating Momma turning 35, 

experiencing the first signs of winter coming, 

spending our first Thanksgiving as a family of six, 

and decorating for Christmas!


Celebrating Brooke and Brecklyn's first Christmas season, 

spending time with family (Meme and Papa),

(Grandma and Grandpa),

continuing our family Christmas traditions,

taking our annual "in the wrapping paper" photo,

visiting Grampy and G-Jo's house with the cousins, 

taking {another} "in the wrapping paper" photo,

spending our first Christmas Day together,

having extended family photos taken, 

soaking up special time with my Granny, 

and cherishing time with big sister at home (no school)!

Yes, I'd say it's been an amazing year for us! We thank God daily for all the ways He loves us and pours His blessings upon us!

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