Saturday, January 30, 2016

Extended Family Photos

Back around Thanksgiving, my mom mentioned to us that she wanted to get extended family photos made when we were all together for Christmas. It's been a good while (like 2007, I think?) since we'd had photos done of our family, so it was definitely time to get some updated ones taken. None of my kids were even born when we had our last family photo session!

This is something I've never really talked about on here, but I feel like I need to give a little bit of background about this before I show the photos. I have three siblings: two older brothers and a younger sister. My oldest brother grew apart from our family many years ago, and it's been about 10ish years since he's come around for holidays or otherwise. I won't speak for anyone else's interactions with him, but I will say a few things about my relationship with him. I love him very much and always will. He is my brother and that fact alone makes him special to me. The very few times I've seen him in the past 10 years have been difficult in many ways, but do hope to see him again in the future. He has made many life choices that I do not condone or want my children exposed to, but that doesn't mean I'm not sad that I don't have a relationship with him or his children (who are adults). Anyhow, with that said, these are extended family photos minus my oldest brother and his kids. It is sad to me that they aren't in the photos, but that's just the way things are for now. 

Moving on :-). 

I won't say much about the photos . . . I'll just label them and let them speak for themselves.

Dad and Mom

Dad and Mom with their children Chelley, Jeremy, and Lisa 

Dad and Mom with their children and spouses 
Chris & Chelley, Jeremy & Shawna, Russ & Lisa

Full family . . . my kids were being stingy with smiles

Poor Brenson looks like he's in pain, haha.

It was so special to have my grandmother there for the photos, as well!

My parents with their grandchildren

Just the grandchildren (Bren is generally my super photogenic kid . . . not this day!)

My Granny Tiger

Mom and Granny T

Dad, Mom, and Granny T

Kaylee and Granny T

My brother's family with Granny T

My brother's family: Shawna, Jeremy, JT, and Kaylee

Kaylee and JT

Jeremy and Shawna

My family :-)

My family with Granny T

My babies
Brenson, Brecklyn, Brianna, and Brooke

JT with my kiddos (finally a real smile from Bren!)

Me and the Hubs
(Sidenote: It was pouring rain this day and my hair looked terrible. Blech.)

Lisa and Russ

My sister's family: Lisa, Russ, and Chloe Jo

My sister's family with Granny Tiger

My sister also included Mom and Dad in one of their photos. I wish I had done the same!

Chloe Jo

There were a bunch of random hats at the photography studio, so the guys decided to put them on and take a photo. Just being silly!


I'm pretty sure my Dad is hanging his head in shame in this one :-). Bren isn't quite sure what to think, either!

It was a big undertaking to have these photos made, but I'm very happy that we did it! I know we will cherish them for years to come.

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