Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Adventures in February

We're a full week into March, but it's not too late to do an update about our February, right? I actually have several posts from February activities that I want to write, but we'll start with this one of cute and random photos :-).

I shop weekly at our local grocery store, but I generally save my shopping for night time after the children are all in bed. Once in a while, I will run into the store with everyone in tow, but that makes a smallish job into a much bigger job. However, in February, I ended up going into the grocery store during the day with my littles about five times. The reason for this was because I ordered cakes and cupcakes for the kids' birthdays from the bakery in the store, so I had to go pick them up during daytime hours. The babies LOVED riding in this cute and functional shopping cart! I get so much attention when they are with me (especially in this cart) that it takes me roughly twice as long to finish my shopping. 
Brooke, Brecklyn

I was an emotional ball of mush during most of February. First, the babies turned one (waaaaaah!), then Bren turned FOUR. Eeeep. For some reason, my little boy turning four was HARD on this Momma's heart. The day before his birthday, I kept saying that he wasn't allowed to turn four and that I was going to sit and hold him allllll day long. Then, I asked him to take a photo with me. Trust me when I say that he was unimpressed with this behavior, ha! Before bed that night, he said to me, "Mom, when I turn five are you going to whine this much?" Bahahaha!

Brooke is terrible about putting things in her mouth, so we have to be super careful to keep all little toys or toys with little parts out of her reach. We try to keep the door to the big kid room closed all the time because there are just too many little toys in there. One day, I realized that I hadn't seen or heard Brooke for about two minutes, so I immediately looked for her in the big kid room. Sure enough, she was in there with a mouthful of something. I quickly fished five tires and an axle from these pull apart cars of Brenson's out of her mouth (then texted this photo to Chris)! Seriously, child! 

Valentine's Day fell on a Sunday this year, and Brianna was out of school the Friday before and the Monday afterwards. Friday the 12th was a built-in snow day, and sadly we've had NO significant snow this year. I don't want days and days of snow, but I always enjoy our little snows we generally get and they were missed this year! Anyhow, Brianna had a Valentine's Day party at school on Thursday the 11th, and of course she dressed in cute Vday clothes and handed out little Valentine's cards to her classmates. The cards were ones I printed from a site that had lots of free Vday printables, and they said "Sip Sip Hooray! It's Valentine's Day!" We purchased squiggly straws at the Dollar Store (6 for a dollar) and threaded them through the cards. I thought they turned out super cute!

Chris had planned to join us for Brianna's Vday party, but he had an issue come up at work and couldn't get away. I decided to brave the party with all the kids by myself! Everyone did great! It's so interesting to me to observe how each child reacts to an unfamiliar/new environment in their own way. Bren didn't leave his sister's side and fit right in like he was part of the class. 

{Bren frosting a cookie like all the other kids.}

Brianna was thrilled to have us there, but that didn't stop her from enjoying her party and all the activities. 

I am so thankful for this as I see some kids become super clingy and almost stop functioning when their parent/siblings are in the classroom.

Brooke was busy, busy, busy as usual and pretty much unphased by all the children and activity. She was all over the place, and I even had to chase her down several times as she kept escaping out of the classroom or down the hallway!

Brecklyn wouldn't let me put her down and turned her head if anyone looked at or spoke to her. At the very end of the party, she finally let Brianna hold her for a while.
I took the babies into the school in our double stroller thinking it would be great if they'd stay in that the whole time, but there wasn't really room for it in the classroom. Plus, once they saw the flurry of activity, Brooke immediately wanted in on the action and Brecklyn wanted to be held. It was quite an adventure, but I'm so glad we joined Brianna for her party!

Chris and I don't celebrate Valentine's Day (and never have), but we did dress in red/hearts and take a family photo before church that morning. Love my little crew!

One huge thing that happened in February was that Brecklyn became a full time walker! It happened about a week after the twins' birthday. One Sunday night, we were at my sister's house after church and Brecklyn took about eight steps in a row. After that, she started walking more than crawling and hasn't looked back!

Brecklyn loves to climb in the little play wheelbarrow the babies got for their birthday.

She has this hilarious scrunchy nose face that she does. I only partially caught it in this photo.

One day, I was dusting the shelves on the wall in the babies' room (using a step stool). Bren called for me, so I left the room to help him. When I came back, Brecklyn had climbed right up the step stool!

When she noticed I was behind her, she gave me a look like, "Yep, I'm up here."

Then, she promptly turned back around and ignored me, ha! I love how Brooke is looking at her in these photos like she's crazy. 

One Friday after Miss Shelly's, Chris called and asked us to come to downtown and have lunch with him. This is a rare happening, so we took advantage of the great weather and the fact that everyone was dressed and already loaded in the car and headed to meet Daddy. Bren took this photo of us during lunch :-). 

After we got back to the van, he requested that I take a photo of the two of us :-). Love this little guy so much! 

For their birthdays, the big kids received these scoop rockers. They enjoy them, but the babies really love these silly things! The babies have pretty much taken them over and the big kids are out of luck, ha!
Brooke, Brecklyn

I absolutely love spending my days with these kiddos. We miss big sister every day and can't wait until she's home for the summer! 

Brooke, Brenson, Brecklyn

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