Wednesday, March 9, 2016

This is my life . . .

Y'all . . . I captured this video the other night before bed and just laughed when I watched it. It is a pretty accurate representation of my crazy life right now! My spunky Brianna girl is always moving and singing, and the other kids (and adults, apparently) follow right along. In this video, it looks like Bren gets everyone started, but Brianna had started it a few minutes before I began videoing.

Also, they are chanting "burning fire boxes". I'm not sure why? Do anyone else's kids chant strange and random things? Brianna and Brenson will often make up a little saying and chant it for days or even weeks. "Burning fire boxes" was the chant for a while.

It's a crazy life, but I love it :-).

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Charlotte said...

Super cute! My house is like this, too. There is an app on the iPad that the kids use called Video Star. It has all these crazy songs that they record themselves lip-syncing and dancing to and it mashes it together. Our toddler loves watching these over and over! Some of the gems of songs from this app are "It's raining tacos...from out of the sky", "Pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows", "Space Unicorns let's all celebrate", and my personal favorite "it's your birthday today...there's a cat licking your birthday cake, it's your birthday today".
Also, I'm still waiting on your sugar cookie recipe😉