Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Brooke and Brecklyn's First Birthday

Brooke and Brecklyn turned one on February 3rd, and thus began our birthday season around here! We certainly don't do anything over the top for our kids' birthdays, but we do try to do things to make their day special for them and to celebrate their precious little lives. I hope they never doubt how loved, cherished, and special they are to us and to our Father God. 

This year, Brooke and Brecklyn's birthday was on a Wednesday. Wednesdays are generally a busy day for us anyway, but we managed to do some different and special things to celebrate our little twinbies. Chris took the day off from work -which was so nice for ME - and spent the day with us. Chris and I have created a tradition of having all the birthday kids' gifts wrapped and set up in a corner of our living room with a few balloons for them to see when they first wake up in the morning. We also hang a Happy Birthday banner and a Celebrate banner around the house, and hang balloons or streamers from their bedroom doorway. Of course, the babies had no idea what to expect, but the big kids were looking for the decorations as soon as they got up :-).

In the past, we've also had the birthday girl or boy open their gifts when they first wake up and before we get the rest of our day started. I'm not sure how or why we started doing this, but it works really well for us. This year, Brianna was very concerned that we were going to do gifts while she was at school, so opening them before she left for school helped settle her down a lot.

Brecklyn and Brooke with their birthday gifts.

We sang Happy Birthday to the babies as soon as they woke up for the day, then pretty much let them dig right into their gifts. They were a bit timid about it at first. 




Brecklyn stealing Brooke's gift even though she had the exact same thing on her own lap!

As they continued to open, they really began to enjoy themselves!

One thing I was SO excited to give the girls were a set of Cabbage Patch Twins that I found for a steal of a deal before Christmas.

This is my favorite photo of them opening gifts. They were so excited to see these babies and couldn't get each other out of the way fast enough!

Momma holding her babies holding their babies :-).

Both baby dolls have blonde curly hair that I was showing Brecklyn.

Brooke giving her baby a kiss. Brooke's baby is named Leah Katelyn. 

Brecklyn giving her baby a hug. Brecklyn's baby is named Monica Christina.

Their other "big" gift from us was this fun Little Tikes Wheel Barrow. They both LOVE it and play with it every day! We even take it outside to play. It's been a BIG hit with all the kids. Of course, the babies had to put their babies in it.

Then, Brooke had to see how she fit in it :-).

For their birthdays, Brooke and Brecklyn each received an outfit, a pair of shoes, the one piece to their Precious Moments Birthday Train, and a small pearl bracelet. Together, they received their Cabbage Patch Twins and the wheelbarrow.

After gifts, Chris took Brianna to school - and she was SO sad that she had to go :-( - while I got the three younger kids ready for the day. Brooke and Brecklyn looked so sweet in their birthday outfits.

It was obviously my lucky day for pictures. They were both completely cooperative!

We decided to just keep our regular Wednesday schedule and attend Story Time at the Library. The babies are always so cute during story time listening to the books and grooving to the music.

Having Daddy with us was a special treat for everyone!

Free play time . . .

This day, the library was having a special little event where they asked patrons to have their photo taken with their favorite book. Then, we wrote about the book and why we love it, and the picture and description were hung together on the wall for everyone to read. We also got a photo to keep! The babies chose That's Not My Snowman as their favorite book (please excuse the photo of a photo).

Bren chose Wendell's Workshop as his favorite. 

All the excitement from the morning must have really worn the babies out as they fell asleep in the car on the way home from the library. Chris and I decided to soak up the quiet time, get something to drink, and drive around for a bit. Once we got home, we fixed a quick lunch then took the babies outside for a few photos. 

Brooke Ellie

Brecklyn Sarah

I also wanted to get in on some photos with the girls. How different these photos look compared to the ones being taken one year ago!

My sweet girls have brought so much joy to my life! 

By the time we tried to get some photos with Daddy and the girls, they weren't really feeling it. Ah well . . . I'm always happy to have the photos anyway. 

Brecklyn was ready for her afternoon nap, ha!

While Daddy played with Brenson, Brooke, and Brecklyn, I sat down at the computer and created this little collage of all the kids on their first birthdays. Sigh. I love my little crew more than I can put into words, and time is just flying by. 

Brianna, Brenson, Brooke, and Brecklyn

We are always out late on Wednesday nights due to Bible study, so our routine is for everyone to take an afternoon nap after we get Brianna from school. We stuck with our regular schedule even though it was the babies' birthday, knowing that everyone would need that bit of extra sleep. After we got up from resting, we picked up the babies' cake and went to our favorite local Mexcian restaurant for dinner. The babies are big fans of rice and beans, so I thought they'd enjoy eating here on their birthday!

Brianna, Brecklyn, Daddy, and Bren

My sister, Lisa, also joined us for dinner. 

Momma, Brooke, Aunt Lisa

I had brought cake, candles, and paper plates with us to the restaurant so we could enjoy dessert after our meal. However, the restaurant owner heard it was the babies' birthday and before we could serve our cake, he and several employees brought out these little zebra cakes with candles for the babies. They also sang!

The babies were both very excited when we let them eat the little cakes!

There is a Dollar General right next to the restaurant, and I'm pretty sure the owner sent someone over there to buy the snack cakes and candles for the babies. I thought that was pretty fun and special!

For the rest of us, I served the cake we had brought with us.

Aunt Lisa also brought the babies a gift to open. They remembered what to do from that morning and were pretty excited to get to open something again. 

Inside the boxes were these adorable headbands (3 each) my sister made for the babies. Love them!

I really wanted a picture of our family on the babies birthday, so I asked my sister to take a few for us. I think family photos are getting more difficult (how is that even possible?!?), and we didn't get one that I really like. It's just SO hard. Lol.

And, it's not just the babies. Bren is in a phase where it's difficult to get decent photos of him, too!

Once we finished with dinner, we went to Bible study for the evening. Since we had quite a bit of cake leftover, we invited our church family to enjoy some cake after Bible study. They sang Happy Birthday to the babies, and we had a good time visiting with one another. It was certainly a low key day, but a beautiful day of celebration and family time, as well. 

Happy happy birthday to our precious twinbies! This first year has been amazing!


Cheryl said...

Absolutely adorable!! I just love your stories!

Erin and Ryan said...

Happy Birthday to Brooke and Brecklyn! I hope you and your husband celebrated too - I think it's a big deal making it through your first year with twins {and 2 others!} :)

Charlotte said...

You have such a beautiful family!! I love reading all your updates and party posts.
I don't know if you got my reply or not, but thank you so much for sharing the sugar cookie recipe😀😀 we are a Christian family, too so it is really nice to read a blog from a like-minded person. Have a blessed and joyous Easter!