Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Time Bri Lost a Tooth

Yesterday, we passed another big milestone in our family . . . Brianna lost her first tooth! 

Brianna has been desperate to lose a tooth for close to a year now. When her cousin lost her first tooth, Brianna thought that she would follow closely behind. Then, she went to school and apparently kindergarteners lose teeth all the time during class. It seems like Brianna is constantly coming home and telling us that so-and-so lost a tooth today. Who knew? Ha!

With that said, you can imagine how excited Brianna was about a month ago when we noticed that a permanent tooth was growing up behind one of her bottom front teeth. She just knew she was going to lose that tooth any minute. However, we waited. And waited. And waited. And waited. She would wiggle and wiggle on her tooth, bite into things like apples, and even asked her Daddy to try pulling it for her, but it just wasn't ready to come out.

FINALLY, yesterday while we were at church, Brianna came running up to me after Bible class. Her tooth was barely hanging in her mouth, and blood was dripping down her lip. She was beyond excited, but not quite brave enough to yank it out. Without hesitation, Daddy took her into the nursery and pulled that tooth out! It's so fitting to me that she lost her first tooth at church between Bible class and worship services. Because of course!

I didn't think about taking pictures while we were at church, but I for sure got some as soon as we got home! This little girl couldn't stop smiling!

About six months ago, I had my sister make a tooth fairy pillow for Brianna so I would have it when the time came. It's made out of minky and the mouth is a pocket for the tooth. Isn't is cute?!? Order yours here. Bri was elated when I gave it to her last night and told her to put her tooth in it!

She couldn't wait to check the pillow this morning to see what the tooth fairy left for her. Of course, her brother was quick to remind her that the tooth fairy isn't real and that Mom and Dad are the ones who left the money in the pillow. This didn't dampen her spirits at all!

Congratulations to my big six year old who is still supposed to be my baby! Your little gapped grin is too cute!

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Charlotte said...

I remember when my 10 year old just waited and waited for his turn to lose a tooth. He watched both girls lose their teeth and would get SO upset. It was awesome when it finally happened! Yay for Brianna! That is so special!
One question: how come no tooth fairy?? That was always such a fun part of childhood!