Friday, December 23, 2016

December Fun - School Party and Meeting Santa!

Before Brianna got out of school for winter break, she had a class holiday party at school. Last year, we missed joining her for her holiday party because we were sick (the theme of our winter last year), so this year I wanted to be sure and attend. However, school parties WEAR ME OUT. There is so much junk food and chaos and noise, and the classroom feels crowded with all the visitors. With the last school party experience fresh in my mind, I recruited Chris to come with me to help me keep our little crew under control so I could possibly enjoy being there with Brianna a bit. 

Brianna and her friend, Allena

She was excited to have us there!

The girls adore Brianna and had to be right with her. I tried to get them to sit with Daddy to eat their snacks, but they weren't having it. I'm not sure why Brooke is making that face? I think she was ready to eat and be done with taking pictures!

Brianna loves having the twins with her, so we just let it be. She's such a good big sister!

Brenson is always so well behaved when we visit the school. He sat at a table off to the side, ate all his veggies, then asked me if it was okay to have his dessert. I love this boy!

It was so nice having Daddy there with us this time! It definitely made Momma's life a bit easier :-). 

Brianna's teacher did all kinds of super cute and fun crafts with the kiddos, including the shirt she's wearing. It's Brianna's footprint and hand prints. Chris said Mrs. L deserves a huge Christmas gift just for touching all those kids' stinky feet, haha! I love my sweet girl and am so thankful we were able to join her for her school party this year!

After the party was over, we checked Brianna out of school about an hour early so we could continue one of our yearly traditions of meeting Santa. This was our seventh year to meet Santa, and it's always gone really smoothly. Once or twice, we've had just a little apprehension from a child, but we've never had screaming or tears.

Until this year.

This year, the meeting Santa experience could have gone a leeeetle better.

Hahaha! Everyone was fine for about 3 seconds walking toward Santa. Brianna had Brooke's hand, and the minute Brooke hesitated just a bit, Brecklyn started screaming. Brecklyn wasn't messing around! The little girls often take cues from each other, so when Brecklyn began screaming, Brooke joined right in. I told the photographer to just take a pic of them screaming because I found the entire situation to be HILARIOUS. Santa's elf was looking at me like I was crazy because I could not stop laughing! It was such chaos . . . the twins were screaming and trying to make a run for it, Brianna was trying her best to hold on to Brecklyn, and Bren was just smiling as sweetly as could be. Classic, haha!

The photographer talked Chris and I into holding the twins so we could get a pic, but this one is not nearly as good or memorable as the one above. The looks on the twins' faces are pretty fantastic, though :-). They were utterly un-impressed with the situation!

I hope everyone is having a great start to their Christmas weekend!

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Amanda said...

Oh my goodness that first Santa picture is priceless!
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