Saturday, December 24, 2016

December Fun - Snow Day!

Hi, everyone! Merry Christmas weekend! I hope it's off to a great start for everyone. We're spending today with Chris's side of the family, but I thought I'd catch up a little on last weekend's happenings. We had a very rare and valuable Saturday at home (in December, no less!), although that's not initially what we had planned for the day. Our original plan was to go pick up Chris's grandma, bring her to our house, and spend the day with her. However, a winter cold front and storm brought some very cold air and precipitation with it, so we had to cancel our plans with grandma :-(. 

With super frigid temps and wet, icy road conditions, it was the perfect day to do some Christmas baking. We generally give baked goods or homemade candy to our Bible class teachers, library story time coordinator, chiropractor, etc, so we had some work to do! The kids were allllllll about helping out in the kitchen. 



Momma and Brecklyn

Momma and Brooke

Brooke always checks my face when she's not sure about something. 

We were making almond bark pretzels . . . Brianna's face, lol!  

Bren . . . with a hand on his hip!

The twins quickly discovered they were much more interested in taste testing than in helping cook!

Not too long after we finished up in the kitchen, Daddy announced that he saw SNOW outside! So, we had to go check it out! 

Bri was super excited!

The girls were happy to be outside, but we didn't let them stay out long. It was SO COLD (as in fifteen degrees with a sharp wind), and we hadn't bundled them enough. In fact, as soon as Brooke came inside, she started crying and saying, "Hand hurt, hand hurt". I'm sure her hands were burning from the temperature change (mine were!) . . . poor thing!

Brooke, Daddy, Brecklyn
The girls were unhappy because Daddy was making them come inside. 

Bren was too cold to take a pic. This was definitely not the fun kind of snow. 

We spent the remainder of the day in our cozy, warm house just playing and spending time together. Even though I'm a stay-at-home Mom, I don't always have a lot of time to just play with my kiddos . . . especially Brianna. It was SO great to be able to just play and laugh and be together. Brianna and I decided to throw a party for all of the Magic Clip Princesses, Littlest Pet Shop pets, Minnie Mouse Bowtique minnies, My Little Ponies, Barbies, and Snap-n-Style Girls. This meant tons of hair brushing, dressing, and accessorizing to get everyone fancy and ready for the party. 

Meanwhile, Brenson was building with Legos (we invited him to the party, but he had NO use for that mess, haha!) I was so impressed when he showed me the ferry he built *almost* by himself.

He even built this car to go with it. The box said ages 6 to 12, so I was afraid he might get frustrated when I saw he was trying to build these things. He did a great job, though, and just needed help a few times!

After making and eating a big pot of chili for dinner, we put the twins to bed and let the big kids stay up and play a game with us. Life was the game of choice. Can I just say how excited I am to have a couple of fellow Life lovers in my house? It's always been one of my favorite games, and now Brianna and Brenson love it, too! Yay for that!

After we put the big kids to bed, I begged my dear, sweet husband to brave the single digit temps and sub-zero wind chill to take a picture of our house for me. I think it looks so pretty all lit up for Christmas AND with snow on the ground. 

Sometimes, the stay-at-home Saturdays turn out to be the best ones of all! I loved spending the day at home with my little family.

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