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Instagram Dump 2016 (July - December)

This post contains the photos and captions I posted to Instagram in 2016 from July through December. Instagram is a pretty true snapshot of our daily life, and I love having record of all the happenings. Enjoy!

07/01 - Successful tie-dye project with our cousin!

07/01 - That moment when you're playing Life with the family, and Brenson says his wife's name is "Chelley". Momma's boys are the best! #BrensonCharlesJacob

07/04 - Happy Independence Day from the littlest of my littles! #twinbies #independenceday

07/08 - Hmmmm . . . I feel like something is missing! :-) #BriannaElisabethJo

07/09 - Tonight called for a chopstick dinner! #lotsoflittles #chopsticks

07/11 - Trimming the weeds for Daddy while he repaired the fence . . . Such a good helper! #BrensonCharlesJacob #seriousboy #safetyfirst #latergram

07/13 - A few days ago, Chris's beloved grandpa passed away. Grandpa meant so much to us, and we will forever cherish our memories of him. He was one of the biggest influences in Chris's life, and his absence is felt very deeply. 

07/13 - Throw back to about 13 years ago with Chris's sweet grandparents. 

07/14 - So many special times spent with Grandpa.




07/15 - Four little baby eyes are still wide open, but Daddy's are not :-). #twinbies #twins #twoistwiceasnice #dadlife

07/16 - There's just something about being on a mower, cutting the grass, on a hot summer evening that is so therapeutic for me. It's been a while since I've been able to do it, so Chris and I decided to trade duties for a while tonight. He did dinner with the littles while I got to mow, listen to music, and let my brain just relax. #iheartmowing #summerinoklahoma #cheaptherapythatworks

07/18 - So . . . This is happening. Eeeeep!

07/19 - As a follow-up of last night's post, here is our new place so far. It's been so exciting to watch it come together each step of the way!

07/21 - Another bookworm in the making . . . #BrookeElianaMae

07/22 - It's been three years since we lost our July Baby to miscarriage, but I remember so clearly that deep grief that came with this day. My prayer is that my heart has been softened for having experienced this pain. #Julybaby #miscarriage #remember #grief #infertilityjourney

07/25 - Splash pad shenanigans times two! #doubletrouble #twinbies #latergram

07/27 - Small but fierce. #BrecklynSarahFaith

07/28 - Twinbie love {heart}{heart}{heart}. #BrookeElianaMae #BrecklynSarahFaith #twinbies

07/29 - Checking out the silos at Magnolia in Waco!

07/30 - Today's agenda included Harp Design, Co., Dr. Pepper Museum, and a tour of Baylor University! #Waco #getaway

08/01 - My little sunshine girl! #BrookeElianaMae

08/02 - Making some important choices today! #benjaminmoore #coloringmyworld #newhousetasks

08/04 - Back to school shopping and mommy-daughter date night with my oldest girl. I'm in denial that she starts back to school in just two short weeks :-(. #BriannaElisabethJo 

08/05 - We are making so many house decisions right now, but we're also making great progress! #decisionsdecisions #newhousetasks

08/07 - My bestie, Amy, is going from "Miss" to "Mrs" very soon, so a celebration was in order! We had a blast hosting an awesome shower/bachelorette party for her! 

08/08 - We're making cupcakes today to celebrate Brianna's last full week of summer before she starts FIRST GRADE! #denial #BriannaElisabethJo #BrensonCharlesJacob #theBigs

08/09 - I have two sick babies who aren't sleeping well and have graciously shared their crud with me. Add to that a husband who is on a business trip out of state leaving me to parent solo, and I'm over here feeling all sorry for myself. Sometimes being the mom is hard. #reallifepost #sickbabies #sickmommy #soloparenting

08/10 - My favorite four year old serenading his Momma! #BrensonCharlesJacob #fouryearsold

08/11 - The latest in Brooke Ellie's bag of climbing tricks - climbing out of her crib! She's keeping this Momma on her toes! #BrookeElianaMae #dailyheartattack

08/12 - Fun times at the aquarium with friends today! #howmanysetsoftwins?

08/13 - Papa turned 60, so it's time to celebrate! Happy 60th Papa! 

08/16 - Future architects! #twinbies #BrookeElianaMae #BrecklynSarahFaith

08/17 - It's so interesting to me how the way my children sleep is reflective of their personalities. I sent Bren to take a nap in my room and found him like this . . . He's my little rule following old soul, so it's fitting that he sleeps laid out in a line and all orderly. Brianna is my free-spirited, spunky girl, and she sleeps sprawled out everywhere like a wild woman. I just love how unique each of my children are, and funny ways that their personality traits manifest. #motherhood #BrensonCharlesJacob

08/18 - Brianna was all smiles for the first day of school! I miss her already, but love seeing her confidence and excitement. #BriannaElisabethJo #firstgrade #longdayforMomma

08/20 - This past Thursday, my grandpa was in a car accident and passed away. We are thankful for the time spent with Grandpa and will cherish our good memories of him. 

08/25 - Grocery shopping was more than Brecks could handle. It's a good thing Brooke was there to give comfort. #twinbies #BrecklynSarahFaith #BrookeElianaMae #groceryshoppingwearsmeouttoo

08/25 - We were checking out some work that had been done at our new place when we got caught in a powerful storm. As soon as the rain and wind died down a bit, this gorgeous rainbow was visible. So beautiful! 

08/28 - These four weren't very cooperative this morning - and were certainly not in the mood for pictures - but they're still my favorites {heart}{heart}{heart}{heart}. #lovemylittles #Sunday #praiseGod

08/30 - My oldest loves three years ago and today. In the first pic, Bren was the age the twins are now. Wasn't that just last week??? #BriannaElisabethJo #BrensonCharlesJacob #iloveagoodcomparisonpic #theBigs

08/30 - We've had a good, productive day, but I must admit my heart has been distracted with grief for my dear friend, O. When he called last night to tell me that his wife suddenly and tragically died, I was speechless. I've been friends with O for 20 years, and never could we have imagined that he would be a widower at 35 years old with two young children to raise without the love of his life by his side. I'm pouring my heart out to God for O and his precious kiddos today. (Photo cred to Bri . . . she took this on the way to school this morning.)

09/05 - Giggles, grins, and sweet doggie dresses . . . 😍😍😍 #twinbies #BrookeElianaMae #BrecklynSarahFaith

09/05 - My date tonight. I'm pretty partial to him 💙💙💙. #BrensonCharlesJacob

09/14 - Watching these two dance at library story time was the highlight of my morning. So cute 💗! #BrookeElianaMae #BrecklynSarahFaith #twinbies #momlife

09/20 - Brooke Ellie was taking notes in church just like the big kids. She always wants to do exactly what they're doing! #BrookeElianaMae #bigkidwannabe #latergram

09/21 - You know it's going to be a day when you have to pull out of the school drop-off line to clean the PUKE out of your van before 7:30am. Sigh. 

09/22 - While digging in the attic this morning, I found a tub of toys I had packed away a long time ago (and forgotten existed). I pulled it out, and it's like Christmas morning around here! Maybe this will keep their attention long enough for me to get some boxes packed! #bigfamilymove #lifewithlittles

09/23 - Everyone is happy when big sister gets home and can take over some of the reading duties :-). 

09/26 - Every room in my house right now. #bigfamilymove #lifeinboxes

09/27 - 🙋🙋🙋 Yep, I'm definitely feeling like this is me lately!!!

09/30 - Moving day! Feeling pretty overwhelmed right now, but also excited! #bigfamilymove #movingwithlittles

10/01 - This morning, we woke up for the first time on Summit Trail. Brianna could hardly contain herself when she came into our bedroom and announced that we just HAD to come see the sunrise. She was right. It was a breathtaking view right from our living room! #bigfamilymove #BriannaElisabethJo #thephotodoesn'tdoitjustice #sunriseonsummittrail

10/04 - There are a few things I'm going to really miss about our Shiloh house, but our crepe myrtle is probably the biggest one. It was a house warming gift we received a couple months after moving in ten years ago. My Aunt Diana decided where it should be planted and helped us make a home for it in that spot. I think of her every time it blooms so beautifully (always a week or so later than every other crepe myrtle on the block). #specialmemories #bittersweet #crepemyrtle #ihatecancer

10/04 - This may have to be a daily post! #sunriseonsummittrail

10/06 - Brianna said, "The best thing about the sunrise is it's different every time!" #sunriseonsummittrail #BriannaElisabethJo

10/09 - Oh, these four 💗💙💛💜 #myloves #lotsoflittles #Sunday

10/09 - We prayed so hard for many years for these precious babies. God is great and faithful, and we are overwhelmed by His love for us!

10/09 - #sunriseonsummittrail #Godshandiworkondisplay

10/10 - Enjoying an evening walk to the neighborhood pond. #partyofsix #lotsoflittles #lifeinthesudocountry

10/13 - These two have been a couple of mischief-making, into-everything, on-the-go-every-minute, more-help-than-Momma-can-handle messes lately. But I sure am thankful for their cute little selves!!! 💖😍💖 

10/16 - My favorite peeps. #Sunday #lotsoflittles #fullhandsfullheart

10/18 - The pumpkin patch has been a favorite outing of mine through the years. God has been so faithful to our dreams for our family. When test after test after test was negative, when the doctor said "probably not", when the test was positive but we lost the baby, when the pregnancies were "high risk", when the negatives were "unexplained", and even when we thought hope was lost, HE was faithful. Always, always faithful. 

10/19 - I'm actually getting a chance to do something other than organize or unpack a box! We love our new space, but moving has been a JOB. Looking at these pictures of all the help we had moving (and several are not pictured) makes me incredibly grateful for the friends and family that bless our lives! 

10/20 - Fifteen years have gone by in a blink. Many things have changed, but I'm still thankful for this man and the abundant life we share. 💓💓💓

10/22 - We're getting ready for a weddin'! #weddingday #missingone

10/22 - My handsome wedding date 💓💓💓.

10/22 - Beautiful bride!

10/24 - Yep. #twinbies #twinstagram

10/26 - Costume day at Library Story Time! #twocutiebugs #twinbies #twinstagram

10/26 - Watching the dynamic between these two never gets old. #twinbies #toddlerhoodtimestwo

10/28 - One child spilled apple juice everywhere, one child emptied the pencil sharpener onto the floor, and one child screamed and cried when I wouldn't let her eat food off the floor. I'll let you guess who filled what role. However, at the end of the day I can say we have another class party in the books. And, we all survived. Barely. #lifewithlittles #toddlerhoodtimestwo #classparty #only3of4kiddosmadethephoto #whatcanisay

10/30 - One of our favorite Halloween traditions is attending a Trunk of Treats event every year, and an added bonus is that we get to briefly see our LeFlore friends. Getting a pic of all the kids is always a fiasco, but also entertaining! #lotsoflittles #twosetsoftwins #butitlookslikethree #eightcuties #halloween

10/31 - Another favorite Halloween tradition is hanging out at BOOlogah with our cousin! #Halloween #boologah

11/01 - #thankfuleveryday #gratefulheart #countyourblessings

11/01 - This little lady just amazes me. Today she ran 16 laps during recess for the running program at her school. That's 1.6 miles!!! Yesterday, she ran 9 laps for a total of 2.5 miles in 2 days. I love that she's able to channel her abundance of energy in a beneficial way! #BriannaElisabethJo #littlerunner

11/02 - It's a privilege not lost on me. #thankfuleveryday #gratefulheart #countyourblessings

11/02 - My attempt at a gallery wall . . . Still need to fill/change the frames, but I'm so glad to finally be getting some things up on the wall!

11/03 - My sweets are 21 months old today! #soincrediblythankfulforthem #thankfuleveryday #gratefulheart #countyourblessings

11/04 - All the yes! #thankfuleveryday #gratefulheart #countyourblessings

11/04 - So happy to meet and cuddle this little doll baby! There's something so irresistible about those newborn snuggles! #dollbaby #Annie #latergram #ittookmeaweektopostthis

11/05 - Beautiful liberty . . . #thankfuleveryday #gratefulheart #countyourblessings

11/06 - My "extra hour" of sleep looks suspiciously like a bed full of awake children. #daylightsavingstime #nosleepinginhere

11/07 - True love. #thankfuleveryday #gratefulheart #countyourblessings

11/08 - Teaching the little man how this voting thing works. #wevoted

11/08 - #votedtoday #thankfuleveryday #gratefulheart #countyourblessings

11/08 - This is our dining room. I'm really trying to keep things in perspective, and I know this is a first-world problem. We have a house. It's livable, albeit dirty. This will *hopefully* be fixed soon. But y'all . . . This is hard. #newhouseproblems #keepitinperspective

11/08 - This is happening. To our brand new house. While we're trying to live in it. #itmakesmecry #newhousenightmares

11/09 - When you have family that lives far away, this is wonderful! #thankfuleveryday #gratefulheart #countyourblessings

11/10 - He's the boy I never knew how much I wanted and needed. I'm so grateful for the privilege of being a boy mom <3 countyourblessings="" gratefulheart="" p="" rensoncharlesjacob="" thankfuleveryday="">

11/10 - When Mom drags you to Hobby Lobby (again!), you make the best of it by bringing your binoculars along! #BrensonsCharlesJacob #boymom #hehatesshopping

11/10 - Everything is fixed and put back together in our house. Thankful!

11/11- Today was the perfect day for a McDonald's picnic and some park play! #lifewithlittles #twinbies #picnicinthepark

11/13 - Sunday morning daddy-daughter church potluck cooking warms my heart 💓💓💓. #daddysgirl #BriannaElisabethJo #potluckcooking

11/14 - It took me a long time to get here, but I can truly say this now. It's about beauty in the ashes. #infertility #thankfuleveryday #gratefulheart #countyourblessings

11/15 - More floor space means more room for track building! #theboylovestobuild #gogosmartwheels #BrensonCharlesJacob

11/16 - His mercies are new every morning . . . Each day can be a new beginning . . . One of my favorite things about our new house . . . #thankfuleveryday #gratefulheart #countyourblessings

11/17 - I love sharing this pic every year. This is my dad and me on my first birthday and his 29th birthday. I love that we share our special day! #birthdayblessings #thisyearweare36and64

11/17 - "Do not regret growing older. It's a privilege denied to many." #thankfuleveryday #gratefulheart #countyourblessings

11/18 - Sugar and spice and everything nice! #thankfuleveryday #gratefulheart #countyourblessings

11/18 - Watching a blacksmith blacksmith at Dickens on the Boulevard tonight. We had a great time!

11/20 - Family nighttime snuggles by the fire 💓💓💓. #lotsoflittles #countyourblessings #lovemylittles

11/22 - Y'all - this is a privilege I take for granted. But it's something I certainly would not want to live without! #thankfuleveryday #gratefulheart #countyourblessings

11/23 - Well, maybe not SO much the laundry part, but more what the laundry represents . . . All those little pit-pattering feet in my house! #thankfuleveryday #gratefulheart #countyourblessings

11/24 - Happy Thanksgiving from my four sweets! #thanksgiving2016

11/24 - #thankfuleveryday #gratefulheart #countyourblessings

11/25 - "In Him we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of His grace." Ephesians 1:7 #thankfuleveryday #gratefulheart #countyourblessings

11/27 - Breakin' in the Christmas pjs!

11/29 - Moving casualties were heavy in the Christmas stuff :-(. #bigfamilymove #movingcasualties

12/02 - We're officially THAT minivan 😃😃😃. #lotsoflittles #minivanmomma #bigfamilyadventures

12/03 - Daddy was working on his honey-do list, but Brecklyn was more interested in getting a few kisses :-). #BrecklynSarahFaith #Daddysgirl

12/05 - I caught the mischief makers trying to make an escape out the back door. Just look at that look on Brooke Ellie's face! #twinbies #mischiefmakers #twinstagram #BrookeElianaMae #BrecklynSarahFaith

12/09 - This little lady doesn't give hugs too freely, isn't one for cuddling, and likes to sleep by herself in her own bed. BUT, she can usually be found camped out right beside me as I'm doing various tasks. Love my little shadow 💜! #BrecklynSarahFaith

12/10 - Ready to watch The Nutcracker!

12/11 - I changed out my gallery wall to be Christmas themed. 

12/12 - There's always that one friend 😃. Love ya Tia . . . Thanks for hosting a fun evening! #framily #Christmastraditions #sisterfriends

12/15 - My friend posted this to FB this morning, and I just laughed and laughed. #truth

12/17 - The weather ruined our plans today, so we're doing some Christmas baking instead. #lotsoflittles #christmasbaking #bigfamilyfun

12/19 - We went to meet Santa today. It could have gone better. 😉 #lotsoflittles #scaredofSanta #Christmas2016

12/24 - All of this weekend's Christmas festivities have worn these two sweeties out. I'm thankful for a good day, and I'm thankful for the snuggle time tonight. #twinbies #Christmas2016 #Christmasevesnuggles

12/25 - I'd say this pretty well sums it up! #toomuchChristmas

12/26 - The red flannel shirt girls! #matchymatchy #cousins

12/27 - Hanging out with my niece today! #nieceypie #selfies

12/28 - This sight makes my heart happy! #BriannaElisabethJo #littlereader #chapterbook #firstgrade #AmeliaBedelia #fireside

12/29 - These poor little babies with the sad eyes have been sick most of this week. I finally took them to see their pediatrician and chest x-rays revealed they both have a mild case of pneumonia 😢. We are all sad and exhausted. I don't think any of us (excluding the big kids) have gotten more than two consecutive hours of sleep in about four days. Praying the treatments are effective quickly so we can get back to better health and rest! #twinbies #doublesickies #sadbabies

12/31 - Family of six photo bloopers, daily twinbie life, moving, and celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary . . . It has been a good year, indeed! #2016bestnine

12/31 - We're spending a "quiet" nye at home this year with our sick and cranky littles. It only took 56 shots to get this one (that hardly qualifies as "okay") to say Happy New Year to our family and friends! We're looking forward to 2017! #nye2016 #lotsoflittles #ringinginthenewyear

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