Tuesday, January 3, 2017

2016: A Year in Photos

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you are having a great start to 2017! Ours has been a little rough so far as sickness has been sweeping through our house, but I think we're *mostly* on the upside now. 

Before we get too far into 2017, I want to take a few minutes to look back at some of our best moments of 2016. Although 2016 was certainly a year of trials and big changes for us, it was also a year of blessings! Here are just a few of our favorite moments from each month.


Brenson enjoying our only snow of the winter,

looking cute in our Sunday best,

soaking up that twinbie love,

and celebrating Brianna's 100th day of school!


Brooke and Brecklyn turn one year old,

enjoying sibling time, 

Brenson turns four years old,

celebrating Bren's birthday with a zoo day,

celebrating Brianna's birthday at the Discovery Lab,

dressing sweet for Valentine's Day,

Brianna turns six years old,

joining Brianna at school for a small birthday celebration,

and throwing a "wild rumpus" birthday party to celebrate our four February babies!


Brecklyn and Brooke discover what Easter egg hunting is all about,

spending time with our cousins at Meme and Papa's house,

celebrating Easter at the N homestead,

coloring Easter eggs with Sadie and Chloe Jo,

dressing in green for St. Patrick's Day,

perfecting those "in our Sunday best" photos,

celebrating Easter with the Swearingens,

and looking pretty on Easter Sunday.


Getting our milestone photos taken





(Brecklyn and Brooke)

(Brianna, Brooke, Brecklyn, and Brenson)



(Brooke and Brecklyn)





getting creative at Lego Club,

signing papers to buy a lot and have a house built,

riding double with our twinbie,

and soaking up the spring weather at the zoo!


Taking lots of photos as the flowers began to bloom

(Daddy and Bren)

(Brianna and Daddy)

(Brecklyn and Daddy)

(Brooke and Daddy)

(Momma and Brooke)

(Momma and Brecklyn)

(Momma and Brenson)

(Brianna and Momma),

celebrating Mother's day,

cheering Brianna on as she graduated from Kindergarten,

soaking up the twinbie sweetness,

excitedly watching the beginning stages of our house construction,

and taking a short trip to Columbia, Missouri!


Spending relaxing summer days at home,

celebrating Father's Day,

playing in our backyard,

more twinbie love :-),

watching our house go vertical,

having a picnic at the Big Blue Whale,

and enjoying time with our cousin, Kaylee!


Saying goodbye to Grandpa (not a favorite moment, but a significant part of our year),

(Chris and Brenson)

(Brianna, Brenson, Brecklyn, and Brooke)

watching progress on our house construction,

loving the splash pad,

and enjoying more sweet twinbie moments (of course!)


Celebrating Papa's 60th birthday,

meeting Brianna's teacher and seeing her classroom,

sending Brianna off to FIRST grade,

visiting my Granny when we were in town for Grandpa Charlie's memorial service,

seeing continual progress on the house,

and more posing for the camera!


Getting back to Library Story Time after summer break,

posing for one last photo shoot in front of Momma's beloved crepe myrtle,

observing Grandparent's Day with Meme and Papa at school,

celebrating the completion of our new house,



Soaking up the beautiful sunrises in our new house,

posing for our first photo shoot at our new house,

taking evening walks in our new neighborhood,

enjoying our annual visit to the pumpkin patch,

celebrating Amy's wedding day in Branson,

spending special time with Grampy and G-Jo,

visiting the traveling Vietnam War Memorial Wall,

dressing up as little cutie bugs for Halloween,

making our annual Halloween trip to Trunk of Treats,

looking adorable in our costumes,

(Brianna as a peacock)

(Bren as a dragon)

(Brooke as a bumblebee)

(Brecklyn as a ladybug)

and trick-or-treating at BOOlogah with our cousin, Chloe Jo!


Cherishing those adorable twinbie moments,

getting family pictures taken,





having a ball playing outside,

experiencing Dickens on the Boulevard for the first time (and loving it!),

treasuring sweet family time,

hosting Thanksgiving with Granny Tiger as a special guest, 

breaking out our Christmas PJs,

and loving every minute of the twinbie cuteness!


Decorating our house for Christmas, 

going to see The Nutcracker ballet,

celebrating Christmas with our framily,

having a great time at our church Christmas party,

spending a cold and icy day at home baking and playing, 

celebrating Christmas with just our little family,

taking our annual "in the wrapping paper" pic,

suffering through more photos to make Momma happy :-),

frosting (and eating!) sugar cookies with G-Jo,

celebrating Christmas with Meme, Papa, and Grandma,

spending Christmas day at the Earl's house with a sick Brecklyn,

celebrating Christmas at Grampy and G-Jo's house (with a very sick Brecklyn),

enduring yet another family picture, 

and finally, enjoying a "quiet" new year's eve at home with sick kiddos and exhausted parents!

We have so many good memories of 2016, and we thank God for the bountiful blessings He continually pours upon us!

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Amie said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful year!! Congrats on the beautiful new home as well!