Sunday, March 26, 2017

Brenson's Kindergarten Round-Up

The decision regarding how we would handle schooling for our children was not one that was easy for Chris and me. I discussed this in more detail here

So far, we've been very pleased with our public school experience with Brianna, so it was a fairly easy decision to put Brenson on the same path that Brianna is taking. Although we don't do a structured homeschool curriculum for pre-K, I'm so thankful to have had this year teaching Brenson and watching his skills really grow. He is becoming a good little reader, and I love working on this with him throughout the day. 

We have spent quite a bit of time talking with Brenson about when he goes to school and how great Kindergarten will be for him. I've also made an effort to visit the school much more this year (primarily for the morning assembly) to help Bren get used to being there. He's a very slow-to-warm little guy, so it's taken him months to warm up to the idea of going to school like Brianna does. 

I started talking to him about Kindergarten enrollment several weeks before the date, and he seemed to be excited about it. Then, Brianna brought home a paper about it, and I could tell immediately that Bren was anxious. The paper listed all the paperwork we needed to enrollment him, and he wanted to collect every bit of it right then! 

Kindergarten enrollment for Brenson was Wednesday, March 8th. On Monday of that week, I started talking to Brenson about Daddy taking him to get enrolled. We collected all the paperwork he needed and put it in a folder so he wouldn't stress or worry about it. He kept asking me what we would do that day, so I would go through every step with him. I would tell him, "You'll get up in the morning, eat breakfast, brush your teeth, get dressed, and then Daddy will take you to the enrollment center where you'll give them all your paperwork." One time while going through this, he said, "What about my hair? Will I comb it?" I said, "Yes. You'll do everything you normally do in the morning to get ready to go somewhere." He went right then, found his comb, and put it by Daddy's sink in the bathroom even though we still had a day and a half before he would need it. I could tell he was nervous and anxious about the whole thing.  

The morning of March 8th, he was such a cooperative little guy. He normally takes a long time to get ready, but not this morning! He kept asking Daddy if he was ready to go!

Ready with all his paperwork to enroll in Kindergarten!

You can see just a bit of nerves on his little face :-)

Bren and Daddy took Brianna to school, then went and had breakfast together before going to the enrollment center. Chris said that - although Bren was anxious - it didn't take long for him to calm down once he realized it was really no big deal. Notice that Bren is holding his Tramp dog in the photo below . . . this is his comfort object from when he was a toddler :-). 

I can't believe another one of my babies is getting ready to start school. I know Bren is going to do great, but I'm thankful I have five more months to prepare myself. I'm going to miss my little man so much, but I'm confident this will be a good growing experience for all of us!

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