Monday, May 29, 2017

Pregnancy Update - 15 Weeks!

Happy Memorial Day weekend, everyone! Three years ago, we had an IUI on Memorial Day that resulted in our precious twinbies. It's so neat to think that I am now 15 weeks pregnant with Seven!

Here is what the belly looks like at 15 weeks:

I still can't tell much of a difference in the size of my belly, but based upon my appetite this week, I expect to see some major growth soon! The clothes I'm wearing in the photo above are not maternity (although the top is super flowy), but I did wear maternity jeans a few times this past week. I'm in that weird stage where my regular jeans still fit, but they aren't comfortable (especially in the evening). However, my maternity jeans wouldn't stay up. Of course, I have to remember that all of my maternity clothes are really stretched out thanks to a twin pregnancy :-).

This week has brought with it a surge in my energy levels, finally! My energy had definitely been improving for the last few weeks, but it wasn't until this week that I could tell a BIG difference. I am so thankful! Trying to care for four littles - including twin toddlers - with no energy was so difficult. Chris even commented on how much more like myself I was this week.

I didn't weigh this week, so we'll have to wait until next week to see how much I gained. In my previous pregnancies, I've really worried about my weight gain. With Bren, I was always worried that I was gaining too much. With the twins, I remember being concerned that I wasn't gaining because I was so sick. This time, I'm trying to be reasonable with what I eat and just not worry about the weight gain as much. It's going to come whether I worry about it or not, so I'm letting that go. I typically lose the pregnancy weight in a reasonable amount of time while I'm nursing, so why worry so much? I don't have time for that mess, lol.

As I mentioned above, my appetite has been strong this week. I have craved chocolate milk, potatoes, and tomato soup. Random, yes? We generally eat Mexican food about once a week - and it's typically something I crave with pregnancy - but this time it seems that the baby doesn't like Mexican food too much. It rarely sounds good to me, and it always upsets my tummy when I eat it. This doesn't really work for us, so this kiddo is just going to have to learn to like it!

My emotions have been all over the place this week. I've noticed that I'm definitely not as short tempered as I have been, but I have been crying at the drop of a hat. It's really ridiculous how easily I cry! Brianna had a little end of the year program this past week, and I was a MESS. I think I would normally tear up a bit, but I had full-on tears streaming down my face. It was a little embarrassing!

One final thing I want to mention is in regards to my headaches. I thought I was doing better with them, but I had a terrible headache on Saturday and Sunday that laid me out for a while. I had a minor headache last Tuesday that was getting worse, so I went to my chiropractor and got adjusted. He and I visited for a while about the headaches, but we didn't come up with anything groundbreaking. My head felt better that evening, but I was still experiencing some pain. It continued all day Wednesday. On Thursday and Friday, I felt great! Saturday morning, though, I woke up with a headache that grew worse and just wouldn't quit. I was so frustrated! I'm feeling good today, so I'm hoping to have a break for a few days.

I hope everyone has a great week!


Robbie said...

I am with you on the headaches! I don't have kids, never been pregnant, but my cycles always give me headaches! Seeing as how they are all over the place, that means my headaches are too. Weather is a huge trigger for me, caffeine is a huge trigger for me.
I found a piercing that worked for my headaches-it's called the Daith piercing. Not super painful, felt like a pinch for about 10 seconds. Days 5-7 were the worst pain wise, but nothing Alleve couldn't handle.
Before the piercing, I was having 15-20 migraines a month, plus countless regular headaches, and since the piercing, I have only had 5 migraines in 7 months, and they along with the regular headaches, are much, much more manageable. I would recommend that if you get the piercing, you get a captive bead ring put in, and not a barbell- the barbell can flip and it's very painful. You should be healed by the time the baby is born, for sure, but relief started almost immediately for me.
Since the Daith is in your ear, it helps to get pierced on the side that your headaches occur at most often. Mine are always in the middle or back of my head above the neck, so I went with the right side because I am right handed and can handle it easier.
Hope this helps, and that you get some relief soon!

Charlotte said...

You always have the cutest flowy tops, I would love to know where you find them!

So glad you seem to be feeling better and have some more energy! Headaches are the worst, hope you can find something that helps. I have heard essential oils, have you tried them?
I also crave chocolate milk when I'm pregnant.