Monday, November 10, 2008

Just roll me home, honey

It's Monday once again, and I'm just beginning to emerge out of the food coma brought on by my event-packed weekend.

Last week was one crazy week here at MRU, with the start of Spring semester enrollment, our Destination MRU event, and Homecoming all falling together. I had be at work bright and early Saturday morning to help with our event, which ended just in time for Chris to meet up with me and begin our tailgating fun. After tailgating, we attended the Women's and Men's games, but left the Men's game early to move on to our next event, which was Tia's birthday bash and bonfire. THEN, Sunday morning we went to church, where afterwards we had our annual church Thanksgiving dinner.

Would you believe that I didn't take a single photo during all this? I just enjoyed it.

Everything I participated in seemed to center around food... it is the American way, after all. So, I thought I would share with you what all I ate (that I could remember!) between 10:30am Saturday morning and about noon on Sunday. I know, I'm brave, right?!? And no, I haven't completely lost my mind and decided to post my weight.

Just please don't judge me too harshly *grin*

1 miniature frosted cupcake
1 M&M cookie
1 bite of a 3 meat deli sandwich that was almost spit out due to onion content
1 serving of a 3 meat deli sandwich sans the onion content
2 (at least!) servings of cheetos
1 very large Brinlee burger, complete with cheese, pickles, mustard, and ketchup (yummmm)
1 Coke
1 packet of peanut M&Ms
1 handful of popcorn
1 Coke
1 serving of ruffles chips dipped in ranch dip
2 crackers with cheese spread
1 (maybe 2?) servings of chips and salsa
1 super-delicious smore
1 roasted marshmallow
1 7-up
1 hot dog roasted over the bonfire
Repeat smore and marshmallow
And maybe again... who can remember at this point?
1 carbonated Lemonade
More chips and salsa
1 small tub of popcorn
1 miniature packet of M&Ms
1 slice of sandwich cheese
1 handful of tortilla chips
1 bowl of Cap'n Crunch Berries with milk
1 slice of turkey
1 serving of stuffing
1 dinner roll
1 serving of broccoli cheese cassarole
1 serving of cheesy potato cassarole
1 serving of corn cassarole
2 servings (I know, sooo bad) of mashed potatos (1 with gravy)
1/2 serving of green bean cassarole
1 serving of salad with ranch
1 carbonated Lemonade
1 slice of pumpkin pie with whipped cream
2 bites of chocolate cake filled with vanilla cream

Whew. I think that's about it, although who knows if I may have missed something. Notice how the basics like water and fruit are completely missing from this terrible list. My stomach hated me last night.

Just roll me home, honey... just roll me home.


Tracy said...

I bet my list isn't too far from yours!!! Ouch.

Angie said...

You are brave!!!

Kilee said...

"1 bite of a 3 meat deli sandwich that was almost spit out due to onion content" <~brilliantly said!!

Fallen Into the Trap Swearingen said...

The WW scale said I gained 3 lbs from my weekend festival. Dallas...HERE WE COME!!!

Femin Susan said...

Very cool your blog!
Great! Keep writing.....
Good week

foreveramber said...

You're a CHAMP! I am impressed :)