Monday, August 17, 2009

The Mystery of the Rubber Glove

When I was little, I loved to read. My favorite series when I was in 2nd and 3rd grade(ish) was called The Boxcar Children. The Boxcar Children books are 100-120 page chapter books that tell the story of 4 siblings (2 boys and 2 girls, just like my family) who always come across mysteries that need to be solved. The mystery is generally introduced by the siblings observing something just a bit out of the ordinary. I seriously loved those books.

I now have a mystery of my own.

This morning, after being at work for about 2 hours, I observed something that was certainly out of the ordinary. I went to throw something in my trash can, and saw this:

At first, I couldn't really decipher what it was. Then, I realized... it's a rubber glove!

And not just any rubber glove, but a soiled rubber glove. One that is inside-out because someone had taken it off of their grubby hand.
You may be thinking, what's the big deal? It probably belongs to the janitorial staff. That is exactly what I thought at first, too.

Then, I started thinking about it a little more. In effort to save costs, our offices are only being cleaned once a week (I work for a state institution, remember?). Our day is Wednesday. Our trashes are only emptied more often than that if we set our trashcan outside our door in the evenings. I know that the janitorial staff did not vacuum my office this weekend. I also know that they did not take out my trash, because under the rubber glove is trash from Friday. I had yet to throw anything away today, except for the two peel-away calendar sheets that you can see in the photo.

So where exactly did this soiled rubber glove come from? Who put it there? What was that person doing in my office? Am I in possession of some sort of crime evidence?

To quote my friend, "It's like the OJ glove, only rubber!



Tracy said...

I hope it's not the spanish speaking blog stalker?LOL

Chris said...

What amazes me is the fact that you would even think about picking up the glove!

Anonymous said...

I so agree with Chris on that. I can't believe you picked it up! A tissue is soooo not a sound barrier against anything that might be on that glove. Very odd though,very odd indeed. -the HC ;)

Angie said...

Sometimes the unknown is best left unknown. I don't think I want to know who was in you office nor what they were doing with a rubber glove. ICK!!!!!!!!!!

Angie said...

Maybe it is evidence and you should turn it into campus police. haha. I could say a lot more about this but I better behave on the www...

Russ said...

Sounds like to me you need a hobby pretty bad if your looking through your trash to find things to blog about ha ha

Kilee said...

I'm with Chris on this one. This blog cracks me up. But then again, I prolly would have done the same thing.. :) It was good to see you the other day!!