Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Give a Little Bit

Each year, my college girl-friends and I get together to celebrate Christmas. A couple years ago, we decided that instead of spending a bunch of money on each other, we would all go together and spend the money on a good cause instead. None of us for sure needed more "stuff" from each other, and it was incredibly rewarding to spend quality time together doing good for others.
This year, only three of us were able to get together, but we still had a GREAT time! Hopefully, next year we'll have our whole group together again!
Amy, Chelley (sporting a 29-week baby bump!), and Angie

We decided that for our good thing, we would donate toys to Toys For Tots. Each of us set a limit of what we would have normally spent on each other, and shopped away! Here is what we walked away with:
We felt so great about the number of toys that we were able to donate! We certainly hope that a we brightened Christmas for a couple of little people this year!


Sara Mautino said...

What a fabulous idea! That's the Christmas spirit for sure!

Tracy said...

Love the idea. I'm stealing it:) You are the best!!!

Angie said...

I am so glad we did this!!! It was so much fun and made my heart feel so good! :)