Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What's a few more days?

Last summer, when I first announced our BIG NEWS that we were expecting, I said that I didn't want my blog to become all about pregnancy and baby. However, it seems that lately that is exactly what has happened.

So, I was thinking about all the non-baby related things that I could blog about today. I thought I could write about the superbowl and how my husband's precious Colts totally dropped the ball. Or about all the winter weather we've had (more snow this past week). Or about how work has been going.

But I don't want to write about those things.

WE'RE HAVING A BABY, and THAT'S what I want to write about!!!

Last week, when I saw Dr. N, he was fairly convinced that we would have a baby before Valentine's Day. Silly me, I wanted to believe he was right, so I did! He has thought since day one that I would deliver at least two weeks early.

I'm 38 weeks today.

When I saw Dr. N yesterday, he said that NOTHING was happening yet. No effacement, no dialation, and no baby for at least another week. *sigh* That is NOT the news I wanted to hear. I know it's still two weeks before my due date, but I had it in my head that she'd be here before Valentine's Day.

Dr. N loves to joke and carry on like he's real funny. He kept making jokes that my cervix was so closed he wasn't even sure I was pregnant. SOOOOOO not funny.

We've waited for her for 6 years, so what's a few more days?



Someone, please convince me I'm right! Our patience is running out!


Lisa said...

Hmmm..I said the same thing about my blog, but it has definitely turned into a parenting blog.

Don't worry about being 0-0! You never know what will happen. I was 0-0 when my water broke. My doc said that I would go over and he would have to induce. You never know what could happen!

Elana said...

I remember that, Lisa. :-) I was impatient starting around 32 weeks because I was so darned uncomfortable. It's crazy hard waiting, but in the end you won't even remember the wait. You're going to blog during labor and keep us updated, right??? Or Lisa will you keep me updated? PLEEEEEASE I'm going to put my bets on Feb 14 right on the dot. :-D

Melissa said...

The docs sooooo don't know when it will happen! Like I told you Saturday, I hated it when my docs would try to tell me when I would go. I have heard plenty of stories about women who had no progression one day, the next they went into labor, and plenty of stories of women who were dilated and effaced and still went over. It just happens when it happens, when that sweet girl is ready! It could really be any day now.

meisje said...

Just take a long slow walk and it will happen. That is what I did with my first one and it happened or not if you are not ready. Put it in God's hands. HE knows when everything is right.

The Erbs said...

PEDICURE!!!! Go and get one. It has worked wonders for some of my friends, and your toes will look great too! See, our feet are full of sensors...and your pedicurist can massage the right area to convince Baby N to come and "see" the world!!! Seriously, I have taken a few friends for pedicures before they were due, and we had babies within the week! ;)