Friday, August 6, 2010


Won't you be bored?

That was the number one question I was asked when I first started telling people that I was quitting my job to be a stay-at-home mom.

And while a piece of me still misses this... I'm pretty sure that I've not been the least bit bored.
The last 5 weeks that I've been unemployed have looked something like this:

We've spent time with our cousins, Jordan, Kaylee, and Chloe,

as well as Uncle Jeremy and Aunt Shawna.

We love our cousins!

We went to a 4th of July party with G-Jo, Grampy, Aunt Lisa, Uncle Russ (not pictured) and Chloe.

We mostly just looked cute at the party!

We've hung out with friends. Pictured here are our friends Christie and Callie.

We road-tripped with Aunt Lisa and Cousin Chlo to see Granny Tiger and Pappy.

Had a great time hanging with them for 4 days!

While there, we hung out with more cousins. Pictured here are cousins Brett, Chelle, and Lisa with their babies Alexis, Brianna, and Chloe.
We've hung out with friends some more :-). Pictured here with Angie.

We've played in our little kiddie pool. And loved it!

We went to Bible School and hung out with cousin Abby.

And watched Daddy dress up as "Farmer Mike" every night and lead the kids during the big assembly.

We have made hospital and nursing home visits. Here we are with our friends Kennedy and Fisher on a crazy day that we visited two newborn babies in two different hospitals!

We've hung out at home a lot, too. B never gets to ride in Mona, but I thought this was a cute pic.
And just yesterday we went to visit Chris's grandparents. Side-note: I FORGOT the bag that had milk, food, extra diapers, and toys for Brianna. Ack! They live about 45 minutes from where we do, and I had nothing to feed the baby. Don't think I'll be getting any mom-of-the-year awards anytime soon :-(.
So yeah, we haven't had time to be bored!

I like unemployment *grin*!
It's Friday... whoo-hoo!!!
XOXO ~Chelley


Tracy said...

I forgot Kennedy's diaper bag with everything in it as well on a road trip to Tulsa. We all know Kennedy without food and bottle! Let's just say it was a BAD afternoon.
Thx for surviving the hospital road trip with us!:)) You're a true friend!!

Angie said...

I love the pic of your grandparents with the babies in the strollers! That is priceless!!!

Anonymous said...

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