Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The LBs

What better way to stir things up around here than to update you all on my weight loss endeavors???

And I'm going to be reeeeeeaaaaaaaalllllllllyyyy brave and post NUMBERS! EEEEEEK!

So let's see, when B was 2 months old and I wrote this post, I still needed to lose those last 10 pregnancy pounds. Which means I weighed in at a hefty 184 lbs. For those of you that don't know, I'm 5'7".

Once I buckled down and got serious, the weight came right off. In fact, I lost the 10 pregnancy pounds plus 6 more. The success made me feel great! I was well on my way to my goal weight of 155 (haven't weighed that since before the Clomid treatments of 2006).

Unfortunately, my last week of work came along, followed by two weeks of travel, and I became pretty out of control with my eating. Actually, it's more what I drink (Dr. Pepper and Caramel Frappes from McDonalds) that get me.

I now weigh 174. Exactly what I weighed when I got pregnant last June.

No, that's not a good thing. Remember, I had already gained 20 lbs from fertility treatments (and let's face it, out-of-control eating) before I became pregnant.

It's time to get serious again.

Past time.


Lisa said...

You and me both, sister. I'm going to get serious again, too.

Sara and Cayce said...

I just finally made the decision to work off the weight this week. Cayce and I have a competition to see who can lose the highest percentage of weight in the next 8 weeks. Four days in and I already *feel* better. Weight is such a physical and emotional burden, but now that we finally have our babies let us focus on becoming the healthiest mommies we can be so we can enjoy every moment with our blessings!

Angie said...

You are brave!!!...enough said.