Saturday, September 18, 2010

Brianna is Seven Months Old!

Can you believe our sweet girl is seven months old ?!? So many people tell us that this is such a fun age... and they are right! We are just having a ball with her.

Brianna and her monthly photo with Baby Kelly:"Ooooh Momma, Baby Kelly has a pacifier and I want it!"
The thing that most stands out in my mind about Brianna at this age is how happy she is ALL THE TIME. She just smiles, laughs, talks, and coos constantly. She rarely cries, and when she does it is generally very short-lived.

I am very blessed to be able to take Brianna anywhere with me. We go shopping, to restaurants, to visit friends, to church, and to run errands weekly. She is the easiest baby and just comes along with me.

We spent some time with Grampy and G-Jo this month. Brianna thinks Grampy is pretty great., and she gets very excited when he comes around. G-Jo is still growing on her. I think she is a little nervous that I'm going to leave her with G-Jo. When we were at their house a few weeks ago, Grampy was coming toward B saying, "Grampy's gonna get you!". She was clearly nervous and kept looking at G-Jo as if to say, "Rescue me!" It was so funny! She didn't cry or whimper... she just kept looking at G-Jo like, "What is he going to do?"

Sleep... oh sleep. Well, our sleep issues have improved this month. She actually slept all through the night 3 nights (not in a row)! She is waking up less in the night, and even soothing herself back to sleep a lot. Anytime there is a change (such as Chris being gone for the night or us staying at Grampy and G-Jo's) it throws her off for several nights. She still loves her Glow Worm and Glow SeaHorse!

As of two weeks ago, Brianna is completely weaned. There was only one night that she really fought taking a bottle instead of nursing. She is still getting my milk in a bottle before bed, but only for a few more days (then all my stored milk will be gone). Until this week, she was still sleeping in a swaddle blanket. However, she would always work her way out of it, so I decided it was time to say good-bye to the swaddle. I think she has made the adjustment very well.
Little Miss Sunshine wakes up laughing and smiling almost all the time. She is so cute in the mornings with her wild hair and big smiles!

Brianna is very much a people person. She loves to people-watch. One of her new things is that she wants to touch everyone's face. People generally think it's cute, but I'm trying to teach her that just because she can reach someone's face doesn't mean that she should touch/pinch/pull on it. I took her to visit some old co-workers a few weeks ago, and she couldn't keep her hands off the other little baby that was there. Cracked me up!

She is wearing size 6 to 9 month clothing and size 3 diapers. Her size 2 shoes are all rapidly getting too small, so we're getting ready to move to size 3 soon.

Her tooth count is officially still ZERO! Anything within her {long} reach goes straight to the mouth where she will chew and drool on it until it is a soppy mess. She loves to pull her headbands off and chew on them while riding in the car, so we now take those off before a car-ride. Her little grabbers are so fast... it keeps us on our toes *smile*.

Our girl entertains us constantly with her mimicking and new "tricks" that she's learning all the time. She pats her books (and us on the back), gives kisses and hugs, tries to hold her own bottle, turns off the light in her bedroom, and pops her lips (just to name a few). She is just such a joy!


Angie said...

Love the fall pics with the straw! Cute outfit too. :)

Tracy said...

I miss her:((