Monday, May 9, 2011

And it continues...

I know you all are probably way over hearing about our music class woes, but I have an update that may be of interest to a few of you.

After I verbally scolded John Doe twice, the next class was great for us. Nanny was very diligent to keep John Doe away from me and Brianna. His behavior was pretty mild that class period as well, so it wasn't a huge challenge for her.

However, last week he was back to his wild man ways, and things got seriously out of control. He was throwing rhythm sticks, racing around the room, tackling the other little boy his age, screaming, and just generally acting like a maniac. Nanny even took him out of class TWICE. I know! I could hardly believe it myself.

I was trying very hard to keep Brianna away from him, but it was nearly impossible because he was all over the place. I turned my back on her for one second to pick up the scarves we had been using and yep, you guessed it, he made contact. I turned around just in time to see her being knocked flat on her back. It was like he tackled her. Fortunately, her head hit one of the carpet squares that we sit on, so it softened the blow, but she immediately started wailing. I quickly scooped her up, took her out, and tried to calm her down. I don't think she was really hurt - just stunned - but this momma was MAD. I am absolutely FED UP with his behavior. I just kept thinking, "Why am I sitting in the lobby with a crying child while our fun little class is going on???" ARGH.

Nanny took John Doe out as soon as this happened, and after B calmed down but before we went back into class, she made him apologize. Nanny apologized to me about a thousand times as well.

After class, our teacher called me back into the room as we were walking out. She apologized for John Doe's behavior, and told me that there have been several meetings to discuss what to do about it. I guess several of the parents have complained (remember that B is only the most recent target of his violence). She said they have even spoken with his mother who came with him and Nanny to class a few weeks ago (they attend a different section of the class as well as ours). She expressed to me that they all recognize his behavior is out of control, and that she doesn't want me to feel uncomfortable bringing my child to class because of his behavior. She even went as far as to say that they had discussed asking him to leave the class, but that they were trying a few other techniques first. I guess that's why Nanny took him out several times.

All of this made me feel much better about the situation. I was so glad to hear that they are at least trying to do something about his behavior. I just hope my child isn't scarred for life in the process.


Lisa said...

WHAT A BRAT! It makes me mad just thinking about him acting this way to Brianna!

Wes and Kendall said...

That kid needs a good, old-fashioned whippin! Boo him.