Friday, November 4, 2011

Local Kiddie Carnival

When I was a kid, we used to dress up in our Halloween costumes, head out to go trick-or-treating, and canvas the neighborhood knocking on every door collecting HUGE bags of candy. It seems that this kind of traditional trick-or-treating is becoming a thing of the past. We've lived in our house 5 years now, and we never have trick-or-treaters.

So, when deciding how we were going to celebrate Halloween with Brianna this year, I began looking for a community activity that I thought would be fun. I had heard about a really fun event hosted about an hour away, so we planned to take Bri to that. However, at the last minute, we decided to just stick with the smaller {much, much smaller} Kiddie Carnival hosted by our town. It was local, FREE (the other activity was not), and we thought it would be enough for Brianna at this age.

Our sweet little girl dressed up as a butterfly this year:
She could see other kids, booths, and candy from where we were standing and could not wait to find out what that was all about!
Honestly, Chris and I felt like the whole thing was pretty lame, BUT Brianna thought it was GREAT!
There were several games for little ones to play. In this game, Brianna was digging for colored balls to win candy.
And in this game, she was pumpkin "bowling". She wasn't sure about throwing the pumpkins at first, but we finally convinced her that it was okay.
As we were waiting in line for activities and candy, she would just watch the other kids and smile. She thought all of the costumes were great (one little girl in particular who was dressed as Elmo caught B's attention).
One booth had face painting. B was great to stand very still to let the lady paint on her face.
The finished product was this cute little pumpkin:
Another booth had live {huge} cockroaches and a snake. I'm not sure why, but Brianna LOVES snakes. When we were in South Carolina, she was good in Bible Class both times we went and was rewarded with a toy from the treasure chest. BOTH times she chose a plastic snake (one is yellow and one is pink), and she still plays with those silly things almost daily. She did not hesitate to touch this live snake, but her face looks pretty unsure in this photo.
Overall, Brianna had a ton of fun, and we're glad that we went. This little event really was enough for her, and you can't complain about FREE, right? :-)

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