Monday, December 5, 2011

Pregnancy Update: 31 weeks!

Today, I am 31 weeks pregnant and officially in the "last leg" of this pregnancy!

Here I am at 30 weeks and 2 days with Brianna:
I meant to post this last week and forgot. So, ummmm, yeah.... I was WAAAAAY smaller with her. And I was BIG with her at the end, so how HUGE am I going to get this time?!?!?

We had a doctor's appointment this morning. My last appointment was 3 weeks ago, and after this I'll be going in every 2 weeks for a while. I have gained 4 pounds in the past 3 weeks, which was actually less than I was expecting with Thanksgiving in there, putting my total weight gain at 22 pounds. My blood pressure was 100 over 68, so about normal for me.

Brenson looks great and healthy. Dr. N estimated his weight to be 4 pounds 6 ounces (70th percentile), so a bit bigger than average for 31 weeks gestation. How funny is it that after all the fuss about Brianna being too small in the womb, I'm now growing a larger than average baby? We are very thankful that things still look good and that he looks healthy!

We still didn't get to see Brenson's face on the ultrasound today because the umbilical cord was blocking it. However, we could see that he has a head full of hair (just like sister!). It was about this time during my pregnancy with Brianna that we saw her hair on the ultrasound, and you may remember that she was certainly born with a head full. It made me so excited to see his hair!

My belly button is looking stranger every day. It has popped out to the point that you can see it through my clothes really well. It never did this with Brianna - and I always thought it looked so cute on other women - but on me I think it just look weird. It feels weird, too.

During my pregnancy with Brianna, I got a TON of stretch marks. They were everywhere . . . not just on my belly but on my hips, thighs, love handles, bum, boobs, etc. I used stretch mark cream faithfully, but it didn't matter. I looked like I had gotten into a scratching fight with a cat and lost horribly. They have faded over time, but are still somewhat visible. I noticed this past week that I have a new one on my belly (only because it is bright red compared to the old ones). I pretty much deserve this since I haven't done one thing to prevent them this time around, but I figure what does it matter at this point? I won't say that I like them, but I certainly think they are a small small price to pay!

Have a great week, everyone!


Emily said...

girl! i did all the cream faithfully too with my first pregnancy and didn't get ANY stretch marks until AFTER he was not fair! this time, like you, i didn't bother. what's the point?!?! interested to see what happens after my baby arrives...lucky you with hairy babies ;)

Angie said...

Love the new layout and as always you look great! You know how to rock pregnancy! :)

Amy T said...