Thursday, December 1, 2011

Talk the talk

Brianna is a talker. She has always talked a lot . . . even when she was only two months old she would babble and make noise constantly. We get comments all the time about how much she talks, but lately her language has really exploded. She is talking in full sentences, and saying the cutest things (which, of course, I want to document :-)!

One of her favorite things to say these days is "happy home". We sing in cradle roll at church about our homes and our families, and in one song we sing about living in a happy home. So, when we are laughing and having a good time at home, she will often say, "happy home" which just melts my heart. The other night when we were visiting a friend and new baby she said it several times. I'm not sure what brought it on, but I think it was because her house was all decorated for Christmas and felt nice and cozy. She also has started saying it when we see houses that are decorated with Christmas lights :-). I can't tell you how much I love hearing her say this.
Our good friends, Ross & Tia, are expecting their first baby and Tia has been having quite a rough pregnancy. She has missed church quite often lately (which is very unusual), and Brianna really misses her when she's not there. Brianna asks me at least once a day, "Tia sick?" She also will pray "Tia sick" often. So sweet :-).
Chris's birthday is on Halloween, and my birthday is about 2 weeks later. For my birthday, Chris taught Brianna to say "old" when he asked her, "How old is Momma?". She actually says, "ode" instead of "old" . . . hopefully she'll grow out of this! Anyway, so now she says "old" as a standard answer to the age question. She even says it when people ask her how old she is (which they generally think is hilarious)! "Momma ode" is a new favorite saying in this house *sigh*. The other day in the car, she was saying, "Heavy, heavy". When I asked her what was heavy, she said, "Momma!" Chris about fell all over himself insisting that he did not teach her that one, haha!
Every morning, Brianna wants to know where Daddy is. I'll say, "Daddy's at work", to which Brianna will reply, "Daddy on airpane . . . zoom!" Chris does travel quite often, so sometimes I'll say, "Yes, Daddy went on an airplane" but mostly I say, "No, Daddy drove the car to work today." Now, she has started asking, "Daddy go work on airpane, car?" Is it sad that our one year old asks that question?
I love hearing all the different things she has to say right now. Of course, there is so much more but I can't seem to remember it right now. Every day she comes up with something new :-).

Stay tuned for a post about what I've been doing in Brenson's nursery lately!

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Lisa said...

Love the pictures! Will you e-mail me a copy of that last one, please?