Monday, February 27, 2012

Brianna's 2nd Birthday

In many ways, it is so hard to believe that my little Brianna bug turned 2 years old a week ago this past Saturday. As cliche' as it is to say this, she really is growing up too fast. I feel like her first year went by fast, but her second year went by faster. What will her third year be like?

She looked so sweet in her birthday outfit, though she's still in the it's impossible to take good photos of me phase. 

I've already told you all how she says, "Happy 2!" when we ask her how old she is. Well, here it is on video . . . it's just so sweet!

I'll do a seperate post on the things she's doing right now, what she likes, her size, etc. For now, I'll stick to the photos from her birthday party.

Being due with little brother just two weeks before her birthday, I knew that IF she had a party this year it would have to be low-key (nothing compared to last year as far as decor and such). I certainly didn't expect Brenson's birthday to be only 8 days before Brianna's, so it made getting something together for her even a little more hectic. We decided to have cake, ice cream, balloons, and a few presents for her on the morning of Saturday, February 18th (her actual bday). We had about 14 guests, not including our little family. The guests were Grampy, G-Jo, Meme, Papa, Grandma, Grandpa, Cassie, Joe, Christie, Callie, Angie, Amy, Tia, and Ross. When we were getting things ready for the party on Friday night, I told my Mom that I was CRAZY to try and have a party with a one week old baby. But, it worked out fine. I was exhausted afterwards, but thankfully my Mom was here and helped out a ton with the clean-up.

Brianna couldn't wait to tear into her presents!
Sweet baby girl was thrilled to have some things to open.
Our friend, Callie, was born on the 13th, so Brianna and Callie kept telling each other "Happy birthday!" It was cute.
When we tell Brianna to smile for the camera, this is the face we get these days. Sigh. I don't think we have one photo from her birthday with a genuine smile.
Our friend, Tia, purchased this cake for us. Isn't is so adorable? I LOVED how cute it was, how it coordinated with Brianna's shirt, AND that it tasted absolutely delicious!
Brianna swiped her finger in the frosting and had a taste before we could stop her :-).
She wasn't sure about blowing out the candles. She knew they were hot (and told us so), so she was a little scared. Daddy helped her, though.
They're finally out!
She was very sober while eating her cake and ice cream. I think she got a bit overwhelmed when everyone sang to her.
She receive several very cute and sweet gifts from our generous friends and family, and she seriously likes and plays with everything she was gifted.
We bought her a Big Wheel, and she thought Daddy needed to help her open it. I think this photo is cute because they have the same expression on their faces :-).

I'm super sad that in all the commotion we neglected to take a family photo. In fact, I don't have one photo from the whole day that has me in it :-(. Brianna really did have a great time at her party. After she woke up from her nap, she said, "More birthday?" I think her favorite part was actually playing with the balloons (again, no photos of this). I am glad that we did this for her, even if it was hectic with a new baby.

Love our little 2 year old so much!

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