Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Brenson is Five Months Old!

Today, Brenson turns five months old. In my experience with Brenson and Brianna, this is the age where they seem to change every. single. day. I feel like Brenson has gone from a barely-not-newborn to a fun, interactive infant. 

Here is Brenson today with his giraffe:

I realized while preparing for this post that I don't have a ton of super-cute photos of Brenson this month. He is just always moving, so photos are getting harder and harder. He squirms during diaper changes, kicks constantly, and is always craning his neck to look at something. I often call him Grabby McGraberson because his little hands are constantly grabbing at everything! This makes him almost impossible to hold if you are trying to eat. He is getting really good at getting a hold of the things he wants. Several times this month he has snatched the glasses right off of Daddy's face :-).

He is such a good night sleeper. What a blessing! He is hit and miss with naps lately. I should clarify by saying that he always takes a nap when he is supposed to, but sometimes he doesn't sleep as long as I would like him to. He doesn't do too well sleeping away from home, but he will sometimes. This day, we were eating out and he fell asleep during our meal (sucking his thumb, if you can't tell).

Without a doubt, his favorite "toy" these days is the exersaucer. He has loved it from the first time we put him in it (about 3 weeks ago).

Sometimes he doesn't play much . . . he just practices standing and jumping. He also loves crinkle books and his elephant toy on his carseat right now.

The photo below shows his hair really well. He still does not have much hair on the sides, but it is getting thicker and thicker on top. I like to spike the top hair up like a mohawk after his bath :-).

Brenson is wearing size 3 diaper and size 2 shoe. He has a few 3-6 month onesies that fit, but he is mostly wearing 6-9 month. He also has a set of Carter's 6 month onesies that he wears a lot, though they are rapidly getting too small. In sleepers, he wears all 9 month size and is outgrowing those as well. In shorts and non-onesie shirts, he wears mostly size 6 month.

Brianna loves to "play" with Brenson. I have to watch her pretty closely though because she tends to be a little too in his face and a little too rough. She also likes to steal toys from him. Sigh.

For the most part, Brenson likes her to play with him, but when he's done, he's done! I know the photo below looks brutal, but she had been right in his face for a while. She is actually getting in his face less these days because he's gotten really good at hair-pulling.

Brenson started truly sitting up on his own on July 4th. He is still very unsteady and needs lots of practice, but we're getting there! He still rolls and scooches all around on the floor.

I haven't started Brenson on any sort of "solid" food yet. However, we have let him have a taste of a few things here and there. My dad fed him ice cream about two weeks ago and he loved it. As in, he fussed at Mom for more after Dad's was gone. When she tried to hide it from him, he craned his neck to find it, haha! Nursing is going well, although this past week has been a bit more challenging. He had been eating 5 times a day, but has suddenly wanted to eat 6 or 7 times lately. One morning last week, he even woke up wanting to eat at 4:45am (he normally sleeps until 7ish). I've decided it's a growth spurt and am just going with it.

We are definitely in the everything-to-the-mouth phase these days! Brenson drools all the time, and slurps and sucks on anything he can get in his mouth. This is another thing that makes photos more challenging than they were not long ago. Love his blue eyes in this pic!

I'm still Brenson's favorite person and am often the only one who can calm him down. He definitely has a little temper on him (eeek). He has really started to notice when I leave the room and will let me know if he doesn't like it. It seems like the bird-like screech/scream has made a return in the last week or so . . . praying it goes away again! He has also started to really giggle this month. Love, love, love this!!! His little smile with all the dimples just melts me.

This little man is such a light in our lives. There are many times that Chris and I will just watch him, then look at each other and smile. We can't get enough of him.


Angie said...

Love this little guy! He is so sweet and fun. It was so good to see y'all the other day!

Sarah said...

He is so cute!! I cant believe our babies are 5 months old!!