Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Brenson is 8 Months Old!

This totally snuck up on me this month, but today, our sweet baby Brenson is 8 months old! 

Here is his monthly photo with Giraffe (who seriously needs a name!). These photos are getting harder and harder to take, but I was happy to capture this one!

Brenson is still growing like crazy. We can't believe how difficult it is to keep this boy in clothes that fit, ack! He is currently wearing size 12 and 18 month onesies and shirts, size 12 months pants, size 3 shoe (although they are starting to get small), and size 4 diaper. We've also broken out the size 18 month footed sleepers.

Although Brenson has been sleeping through the night consistently since 5 weeks old, this month has been a ROUGH month for sleep. I think this is directly related to TEETHING. Ugh. I forgot how horrible teething can be! His first tooth (bottom front left) came in on September 15th, and he was up all night the night before. The same thing happened with tooth number 2 which came in on September 26. He is currently working on the both of his front teeth on the top, and last night he was up like 5 times. Poor guy . . . I know he's in pain but I am ready for some SLEEP!

{snuggling with Daddy . . . both desperate for sleep}

This photo really shows off those pearly whites! You can totally see how swollen his gums are on the top, just waiting for those teeth to poke through. We see this "scrunchy nose" look a lot these days, especially when he is really amused with something.

This month, Brenson learned how to go from laying down to sitting up on his own. He loves to stand at things and play, though he is not pulling up on his own yet. He's trying really hard, but it takes a lot of muscle to pull up 23 pounds of strapping boy!

Brenson eats some baby food, but he really prefers table food. We generally give him whatever we are eating, as long as it's appropriate for him to have. If we aren't eating anything that he can eat, then we'll feed him baby food. He takes four 8 ounce bottles of formula a day, and sometimes eats rice cereal although he hates it. I have to mix it with applesauce to even get him to try it now.

{directly after polishing off a few strawberries . . . yummmm!}

I {for sure} used to be Brenson's favorite person, but I do believe I have been replaced by Brianna. He loves her so much. They play together so well now, and I love watching this relationship develop.

Little guy is so happy most of the time. He has become the best baby. We took several trips this past month, and he did so well in the car.

Brenson hair is still super blonde and is getting really thick. In the photo below, you can see how it needs a little trim around the ears. It's thick enough that it looks messy sometimes now . . . so cute!

Brenson says Mama, Dada, and Anna very consistently these days. He also waves hello and bye-bye, claps, gives five, and points at things that he finds interesting.

{in the toy aisle at Target . . . seeing lots of things he liked}

Brenson has taken a few traditional crawls here and there, but he doesn't do it all the time. He uses a series of planned pivots and rolls to get anywhere he needs to go. He'll only crawl a bit when he wants a toy that is just out of reaching distance. He loves to play with Brianna's Little People Zoo and animals, his rolling phone, blocks, and touch and feel books. He will even turn pages of books correctly now.

I think I've mentioned this before, but Brenson-man has a bit of a temper on him. He especially cries if we take something from him that he wants. He also hates it when we walk past him if he is wanting to be held. However, his fits are very short lived and he calms down quickly.

Our little guy is just so much fun. I can't believe that we've had him for 8 months already, and I can't believe that it's only been 8 months. 

We love you so much, sweet little man!

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linda eller said...

He is adorable and they grow so fast. I miss having a little one around. I have six grandchildren but the youngest is 5....enjoyed the pictures.