Monday, September 9, 2013

A Daddy's Love

In my {seemingly continuous} quest to get caught up on all the big events from our summer (AKA the ones that didn't make it into this post), today's post features our Father's Day celebration. I have a few more posts about June events, then I'll be able to officially say that I'm only 2 months behind instead of 3 *grin*.

For the past few years, Father's Day has fallen on the same day as our VBS kickoff. This year, however, it was the Sunday after VBS which was really nice. We were actually able to concentrate on celebrating Daddy a little more, as well as have a more restful day. 

After we all got ready for church that morning, we set out Chris's gifts. His "big" gift was a new trimmer for the yard, but the kids had each made him a gift and picked out something small for him as well. 

For Brianna's hand-crafted gift, I printed this cute questionaire (found on Pinterest) and she answered the questions about her Daddy. Her answers were so cute, and I especially love the one that says, "I love my dad because I love him so." We added a photo of them together and framed it for him. She couldn't wait for him to see it!

I also found this cute print on Pinterest, and added Brenson's {big} footprint and a photo of him and Daddy to it. Bren was SO good to sit still and let me get the perfect footprint! I was pleasantly surprised!

Chris took both framed prints to work and put them in his office :-).

After looking at the framed prints, it was time to open the small gifts the kiddos picked out. Brenson had to lend a helping hand, of course!

So curious . . .

I told Chris that he would crack up when he saw what was in the bag. Brenson legit picked this out for his Daddy, and it's a magnetic wristband to wear while he's working with nails/screws. I'm not sure he'll ever use it, but he was a good sport :-).

From Brianna, he received a new spray nozzle for the hose outside.

He's already used this quite a bit!

I'm going to try and not get too sappy on here, but I pray someday my kiddos realize how blessed they are to have such a loving, involved Daddy. The both adore him, but someday I hope that they will appreciate everything he does for them as well.

I've seen this quote several times: "Don't marry a man unless you would be proud to have a son exactly like him." I think there's a lot of truth to that statement, and I am so glad to have married a man that is such a good example for his children.

My children look like they're in pain in this photo, but I'm glad to have it anyway :-).

After going to church as a family, we actually came home to have dinner. We often eat out on Sunday afternoons, but it was Chris's specific request that we eat ribs at home. Unfortunately, I ended up being pretty sick all afternoon (I was on a fertility drug cocktail . . . a sure way to kill my appetite and energy), but Chris took it in stride, fixed a large part of lunch, and put both kids down for their naps. Not exactly the Father's Day I had planned for him, but he was great about it.

I can't close this post without mentioning that I'm also beyond grateful for a Dad of my own that gave me a great example of what a good man is so I would know how to pick one for myself. After years of waiting for a family of our own, it has been a tremendous privilege to watch Chris be the Daddy I knew he would be.

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What a sweet and cute family you have!!