Wednesday, December 18, 2013


After Brianna was born, Chris and I had to decide how we were going to handle Santa in our house. I grew up always knowing that Santa was fun and exciting and special, but that he was also pretend. We had a ton of fun pretending about Santa (to this day, my Mom signs our Christmas gifts from Santa), but we were never told he was real then later told or discovered otherwise. And, right or wrong, that's how The Hubs and I decided to handle Santa with our own kids.

While I'm good with this decision, I have periodically wondered if somehow we've taken the magic out of Christmas for our kiddos. I've worried if not truly believing in Santa has ruined the wonder of the holidays for them. 

However, a few nights ago, my mind was put at ease. 

We had spent the evening driving around looking at Christmas lights and listening to festive music - an activity I personally love and love sharing with my kiddos. As we were saying our bedtime prayers that night, this is the conversation that we had with Brianna:

Chris: Brianna, what would you like to thank God for tonight?
Brianna: Eyes!
Me: Eyes? What makes you thankful for our eyes?
Brianna (eyes twinkling): They let us see things . . . things like Christmas!

Christmas through the eyes of a three year old is truly magical :-).


antha duncan said...

She is so precious.

Amie said...

I just love kids honesty, it is refreshing :)